Would You Vote For a Mayoral Candidate Who Promises To Try To Privatize City Services?

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Can the citizens of Toledo continue to see their city administrations being stuck with contracts that the citizens can no longer afford to pay the taxes for? If new businesses are started in Toledo they will probably be given some kind of shelter from taxes until they are profitable. This will put an additional burden on the citizens who work for these businesses to fund city services. Can they continue to do this, and live in Toledo?

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Absolutely!!! Every avenue should be explored in an attempt to allow the citizens to make their own choices on some city services. Many of the current workers would be hired by the private companies to do the added work that company would now have. I would not want the city deciding for me which service I would use though. I believe I'm smart enough to find a company that meets my needs at a price I am happy with. Do you believe you are smart enough to do that, or do you need the city to do that for you? Not directed at you necessarily SouEnd. Let the city provide the services it is chartered to provide.

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...contract a better deal than I could as an individual. I know a lot of us can get good deals as individuals, but we often get better deals as part of a group, i.e. life and health insurance to either companies or "affinity" groups. When the city said that I had to replace a section of the sidewalk in front of my house they offered me the choice to have a private contractor do it, or city services. I went with city services and saved a couple hundred dollars over my neighbor who went with a private contractor, and had a shorter length of sidewalk to replace.

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how the budget would look if ambulance, towing and other fields Toledo snatched from private enterprise hadn't been snatched.

Just the taxes alone from these private entities, sales tax, employee tax, etc, would help suppliment the deficit, instead of taxing city employees that rely on our taxes to get paid.

...that represent employees who work for the city? Right now I guess the main effort is to recall the mayor. But do any of the present candidates support privatizing city operations, or are they looking to the city workers' unions for support for their election?

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Now, if Government can provide the service for less than an outside contractor (and it is defined as a legitimate service in the Charter), NO!

But, if it is outside of the City's responsibility/scope of the Charter, then of course.

Typically, a private contractor can provide a specific service for less, but not always. And not everything is suitable/appropriate for contracting out, so it depends.

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...a union usually fights work going to private contractors to the bitter end. If they have done the work in the past they look on any attempt to contract that work to the private sector as a reduction of work that their members could be performing, and, therefore, a threat to the members (both present and future). And then the contract has nothing to do with the city charter.

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privatize city services by 2:1, but are less interested in replacing councilmen (or councilwomen) who do a "good" job but are not for privatization. So I think this is a moot point. Whatever is going to happen will have to happen with a council that has many members who are beholden to union membership.

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