No Pardon for the Scooter


And the conservatives are pissed. Bush's final day may have been one of his best. Still, don't let the door...

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and what happened to him ?
Libby lied about his knowledge about Plame-

George Bush acted in a great Republican tradition of not selling pardons or giving them to politically like-minded people.

On his last day in office, Nixon's chief of staff, Al Haig, approached Nixon with a deal offered by some liberal Democrats. They would give Nixon some political cover for pardoning Watergate conspirators if he would pardon Vietnam draft dodgers. Nixon dismissed Haig's offer, simply saying, "There will be no pardons."

It was a last, statesman-like act of an otherwise disgraced administration.

I was hoping he would pardon O.J. Oh well.

pardoned Puerto Rican terrorists, who killed 9 citizens,all just to get their votes, for his carpetbagger wife! Slick Willy, pardoned Mark Rich, felon on the run for bilking America, out of millions.I guess if G.W., had the morals of an alley cat like Bubba...he could have profited from it and maybe, just maybe, could have had sex with an old lady ,whose hubby is a thief! Beautiful, Presidential behavior from a rather disgusting physical coward.Slick Willy, bragged about be 'big ', for his age and, yet, allowed his own mother to get beat up by his step-father ! It's a brave man that allows his own mother to get beaten up by a drunkard...and DO NOTHING !! Kind of like ,sending arrest warrants out for every liberals friend, UBL !!

go drive that Pinto in reverse into a light pole really fast.

acquaintances,family members, fellow workers to crybaby about in Florida, heh? You have to blog all the way to back to Toledo to crybaby.Spot on again, wasn't I ? Here, listen to this.....


and that's what you come back with?

I'll save my better material for someone that will understand it.

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make sure you mop the floor so you don't slip in the vaseline/sperm mess you made.

Why are we letting the lunatic fringe define every conversation on this blog?

That's a good question, but the bigger question that should be asked having greater significance and consequences is:

"Why are we letting the lunatic fringe [on the 22nd Floor] define our city and the conversations taking place publicly and privately, in court and out of court, by residents and visitors alike?"

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