Mind boggling numbers

Merril Lynch got 10 billion dollars of the bailout money back in October.
Their CEO didn't have to beg and grovel for it. There was no long list of stipulations to be met.

Their CEO, John Thain, made 83 million dollars last year. Some of these huge numbers don't really sink in after a while.

83 million dollars means this guy made over $227,000.00 EVERY DAY! And thats figuring 365 days, you KNOW he didn't work every day.

Almost a quarter of a million every day?! Thats nucking futs!

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The bailout was SUPPOSED to buy out the risky loans that the businesses bought that weren't panning out. This was to increase the businesses equity and prevent foreclosures.

The bailout money from day one was not spent on what it we were told it was for.

There should be a freeze of the remaining TARP money not yet distributed and further action on any other stimulus until the lawmakers decide what it will actually be for and how it would help everyday Americans.

I'm tired of our tax money getting wasted on pet projects and given to campaign contributors. This isn't an issue of what letter follows a politician's name. Both sides of the aisle are guilty.


was ONLY , to help out Democrats on Wall Str.,and Democrat,union members. Anyone , who thinks different is INSANE !! These idiots and, those who voted for these idiots , are as stupid , as the most stupid person in the world !! "I think this is the case where Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, are fundamentally sound.They are not in danger of going under.I think they are in good shape going forward" Barney Frank ,Democrat,House Financial Services committee. July 14, 2008 !!!!! Genetically , STUPID, and not much of a businessman, running a failed 'man-boy', dating service from his BASEMENT !!

that if homeowners were able to recoup the depreciation of their homes through this fund, we'd be out of this depression.

Even if every red-blooded American were to receive $100,000, there'd still be hundreds of billions of dollars that wouldn't need to fund these financial institutions.

man-boy dating service? where is your head, freak?

Brian, this is just the latest nom de plume of Toledo's resident cyber-terrorist Michael Coon, the man most famous for the cyber-threats to 70-year-old retired physician Dr. S. Amjad Hussain and writers of letters to the Blade editors. Heck, he even targeted Fred LeFebvre of WSPD, certainly no drooling pinko.

What is especially pathetic is that he makes no effort to even disguise his weird writing style, which gives him away every time. Coon not only has an pathological obsession with Communists, Muslims, and anyone to the political left of Attila the Hun, but there is an undercurrent of interest in homosexuality and pedophilia in his writings.

One disturbed dude, that Mike Coon.

1) Which American political party, started the Ku Klux Klan ? 2 ) Sirhan Sirhan, Usama Bin Laden, R.A. Hussein ,all believe that terrorism against America is due to our support of Israel ...True or False ? 3) Which American political party supported Mao Tse Tung-communist murderer , over the agrarian reformer ,Chang Ka Shek ? Nice crowd you heathens support.

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