Allan Block on government regulation and protecting old media

Allan Block rightfully is defensive on the idea forcing Internet providers to open up their bandwidth to competitors, and he probably has the same perspective on "Net Neutrality". But he does make an interesting quote on wanting the government to protect Old Media.

Allan Block, chairman of Block Communications — owner of Buckeye CableSystem in Toledo, Ohio, two newspapers and several TV stations — said after investing in the infrastructure to provide high-speed Internet service, cable shouldn’t be told it can’t control its own pipe.

“If you’re going to punish those that provide the connection, in favor of the ones that need the connection; if you’re going to punish old media that does the news coverage in favor of new media that borrows the news coverage; that isn’t good,” Block said. “It’s time to start protecting old media. It’s time to have a little balancing here.”

He says this in the Multi-Channel news article on the transition at the FCC.

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In other words, if Block provides the connection, then in the name of balance, those who use the connection should be punished by limiting, censoring, controlling, and silencing, the content .

If Block is truly interested in balance rather than some kind of "bailout" , then he should shut down the "old media" to guarantee that no one in the "new media" would "borrow the news coverage".

Wow, Block Communications vs Net Neutrality. You taking Block's side Chris?

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