Block Communications purchase of Lima stations now on hold

This came up a couple of days ago, but I thought I wanted to post this. It is probably bad timing for Keith Wilkowski who was actively involved in the lawsuit. Will he have to devote time again on behalf of Block Communications? Or since he is now running for mayor, will he have to pass this time? Looks like another group wants to purchase the stations, so they filed a complaint with the FCC.
LIMA - The sale of Lima's Fox television station is on hold while the FCC looks into a complaint about the deal.

The deal between TV 67 Licensing - owner of Lima's Fox, CBS and ABC affiliates - to WLIO owners West Central Ohio Broadcasting Inc. was initially approved Friday by the Federal Communications Commission. But on Monday, the federal agency rescinded the approval while it investigates a complaint filed against the purchase, according to the FCC Web site.

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Keith is involved in that would cause concern about where his head is at while presumably running a city.

I caution every voter to involve themselves to research THIS election about each candidate and their agenda and background so you guys can finally get it right.

It's been clearly shown what type of person you'll get in office after consorting with The Blade/John Robinson Block.

Toledo will never learn. I can almost guarantee that as soon as the blade anoints their pick for mayor, that is going to be the winner. Thankfully I moved to Rossford, but still we have the trickle down effect.
The interesting question is will the blade get behind a republican to help boost their boy at the local gop or is the mayors office to big a fish to throw to one of their village idiots?

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