Bailed-out banks donating to Obama inauguration

another extravagent inauguration. I thought change and frugality are Obama's mantras.

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I recall that the media was more than a bit critical of the high cost of George W. Bush's inauguration celebrations...and that was in 2004 when the economy looked a tad bit better than today.

Now it's all sunshine and glitter--celebrity glitz and glam sparing no expense. Happy Days are here again! Too bad we can't afford them.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating the changing of the guard--shouldn't everybody be toning down and paring back?

All of the hype surrounding this is just plain silly. I understand the need to celebrate getting rid of what's-his-face and rejecting neo-conservatism, but the pageantry behind this event just reinforces the position of the powerful executive. The executive branch has become far too powerful, and needs to be reigned in.

Pink Slip

That's all they were: mindless mantras for those who have been Obamatized and have an Obamasm whenever their Marxist messiah speaks. The rest of us know not to take that fraud and foreigner seriously with his BIG LIES.

this kind of turnout for ol' GW for his inauguration?

either time or both combined?

most of these events are paid for by sponsors, especially the evening's activities.

marketing marketing marketing

and ya can't sell a thing if no one knows it's out there...

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