Could this spell big changes for WSPD and WCWA?

The new owners of radio giant Clear Channel Communications will next week begin implementing a massive restructuring plan that seeks to cut $400 million in costs at the company, The Post has learned.

According to three sources with knowledge of the plan, the restructuring will include layoffs across the company's radio, outdoor advertising and international divisions as well as cuts to programming budgets and consolidation of back-office operations.

A precise headcount for the layoffs could not be obtained. Clear Channel has about 30,000 employees worldwide.

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My two cents - They aren't going to change much on WSPD if anything. I think they are focusing on national programming of the FM's. No local Program Managers. As for WCWA, it has an identity crisis anyways. Not sure it matters on that one.

this also includes radio on-air talent who work without contracts.

Rush has not a thing to worry about, so calm down folks.

Interns, producers, program managers, office staff, and talent at lower-producing stations have the most to fear.

Combined with the outdoor advertising staff and those five "international division" employees, it's not going to take much to wipe out $400,000,000.

So when you're listening to your favorite programming and hear the coffee maker brew and a toilet flush, you'll know that station has already downsized to Clear Channel's specifications.

Yeah, they sure could use Troy's paid commercial fund right about now.

Am I right Fred? :)


1,950 people got the can, and many had armed security escorts off the property.

How did the stations fare up there?

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