Citizens ask council to invest in basic government

I read this article and chuckled. Obviously no one on council has a marketing degree because if they do they could see how much of an idiot they look like at crying they don't have money, then in the next breath say they want to fund carenet or spend money on solar panels. Hey idiots, how about invest in basic government services before you spend our money on these cute little pet projects? In another time maybe but not right now. This is so obvious I am hoping the other voters are seeing it and taking note of the completely hypocritical message these people are sending.

Imagine the police officers we could hire with 250k to make the "criminal capture ready", or salt to make our "roads drive ready".

Solar field's backers ask Toledo Council to invest

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it has become.The majority rulers /dictators/deranged pols,in your God forsaken town have greatly enriched themselves , at citizens expense...and, all the majority to vote in... more of the SAME ?! I ,cannot think of anything more stupid that 'adults', do, that continually hurts them day in and day out ,and call themselves knowledgeable / intelligent / informed??!!! This, I have been told is the description of insane people...I believe it totally and completely ,NOW !! Keep voting in the most crime ridden,moral deficient,anti-business,baby killing,party in American history and, you will receive exactly what Toledo,Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago,etc., have given their,. the worst of the worst and, I laugh, at what you just did to all of America, with your uninformed choice as President! You are about to get just what you deserve...kind of like what B.O.,has given his many relatives who reside in GHETTOS !!

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