Obama Names Global Warming Czar


Obama's selection to be the global warming CZAR has socialists ties. If the title CZAR doesn't convince you that Obama is a socialist....maybe reading how the organization she belongs to desires One World Goverment will convince you. Link to article.

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that Obama requested "God" be included during his swearing in. I bet that really pisses off all the anti-god, seperation of church and state (not in constitution) libs that voted for him.

I prefer the spelling "Tsar," but that's because one of my fields of study is European history. Anyways, I think the whole Czar terminology dates back to the Reagan era with the much-ballyhooed Drug Czars. Moreover, Tsars have typically been quite anti-leftist. Some Tsars, like Nicholas i, were so reactionary and anti-socialist as to make Genghis Khan blush.

Anyways, don't fret too much, Kooz, since the bank bailout sucked up any federal revenues that Obama might have played with for global warming. Also, with so many people out of work in a bitterly cold winter, global warming sounds pretty good right about now.


Wow, I didn't think we were still red-baiting. Good work McCarthy! But I'd be more afraid of folks like yourself, who apparently think the whole idea of church-state separation is a myth.

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at the same time. Rick Warren and all - what's wrong with that? And you even get to have the gay bishop Robinson pray at the inaugural ball ! how's that for diversity ?!

lets' watch the inaugural prayer at the same time

Sure, you bring the communion wafers and I'll bring the funny hats. I personally don't elect leaders to have them gather around and chant...

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....I believe generally refers to "emperor" or "king"... Derived from Caesar, I think? Anyway, I'm not sure how that connotes "socialist"...

When the USSR disintegrated thanks to R.Reagan, the Verona tapes the Communists had ,revealed just how extensive communists infiltrated FDR's administration! The over 190 ,committed communists in his adm., proved without a doubt , the extent of this infection. Too bad, the deranged still , do not get it.These are the same people who believe B. Hussein Obama, does NOT , have many, many immediate family members living in ghettos around the world as, B.O., has millions gathering interest and dividends! Madness, in the far left culture is pathological... BIG TIME !!

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