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Whether or not you agree with the president, you should take advantage of the opportunity to give ideas and feedback. I plan on it.
Dear Friend,

We wanted to tell you about a new feature on which lets you bring your ideas directly to the President.

It's called the Citizen's Briefing Book, and it's an online forum where you can share your ideas, and rate or offer comments on the ideas of others.

The best-rated ones will rise to the top, and after the Inauguration, we'll print them out and gather them into a binder like the ones the President receives every day from experts and advisors. If you participate, your idea could be included in the Citizen's Briefing Book to be delivered to President Obama.

Visit the Citizen's Briefing Book now and share your ideas:

Citizen's Briefing Book

Throughout this Transition, a truly inspiring number of citizens have gotten involved. We hope that you remain involved through the Inauguration and beyond.

Thank you,


Valerie Jarrett
Obama-Biden Transition Project

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Here is my suggestion for Obama to think about:

Since the only way to have kids is through pregnancy,
And if it's right to view pregnancy as "punishment",
But Obama ran for president "for his girls",
Then would it not be reasonable to conclude that some might regard Obama's girls as the result of "punishment"?
If some would hold to this position, then on what reasonable basis should such a view be held? Is it not arbitrary and capricious to hold that some pregnancies are "punishment" and others such as Obama's are a "blessing" whom great things should be done?
If so, then what value and meaning is there to human life if it's arbitrarily decided? Does all human life have intrinsic moral worth, or is it something to be assigned based on an individual's preferences or convenience?

Who said pregnancy is a punishment?

Is this just some convoluted way of bringing up th pro choice/anti-abortion debate or something?

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