Snow storm observations and City is plowing back roads

Toledo finally made it to the back streets today. The first plow of the season cleaned our neighborhood around 1 PM. The City is doing a decent job keeping up with the snow. I have been out several times and the roads while not good, seem to be continually cleaned.

How are things in your neighborhood?

We have about 8-10 inches of snow piled on top of things.

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I'm a mile west of you, Chris and a plow came by about
8:30 pm and made two swipes in each direction. My leaves had been picked up but we saw no salt on all the ice we had.

West Toledo, Jackman/Sylvania/Tremainsville area plows came down the side streets about 3:30 this afternoon. First of the season for us, too.

We were out a couple times today and the roads were not too bad.

It doesn't look like the plows have been down my street at all. I'm a few blocks west of Airport & Detroit. I'm debating now if I should unbury the truck and go to church or just stay home and say a prayer

My parents live in Maumee and they've complained about the plowing there.

I would be skeptical but I was shocked at the condition of Maumee's roads when I was in town for the holidays. In the last 20 years I can't remember a time when just standard maintenance has been that bad in the city.


I actually had a plow come down the street Friday night! Not once but twice. Come to find out the neighbor works for City SB&H so I can count my blessings. I wonder why during the Big Ice storm before Xmas my street was cleared down to the pavement. With all the City woes I was completely baffled an unable to criticize.

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nothing... surprise surprise!

I managed to get my car stuck on the unsalted ice about two blocks from my home. Within 5 minutes, three drivers stopped to assist, and a guy with a Subaru and a tow strap pulled me free. Do we have some great people in this town or what?

Of course the city snowplow drivers are going to be working hard to clear the streets for this storm... it is the weekend, afterall - which means overtime!

I don't think side streets are plowed unless we get an accumulation of 4" or more. Private contractors did my area this weekend and a very nice job they did.

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