Would You Vote For Increased Fines To Fund Traffic Cops At the Intersections?

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...closely and I have concluded that the only constitutionally correct position would be to have those intersections that we now monitor with the “red light” cameras become staffed with members of law enforcement. The argument of the opponents of the “red light” group seems to be irrefutable. The reason we have these technological fixes is that they are always alert (unlike human beings), and they are cheaper than humans are. The cost of replacing each camera with a police officer might be quite prohibitive if we tax the public. Therefore, my question is are we willing to accept whatever fine is needed to replace these cameras (and the constitutional problems they raise) with human beings? Moreover, how do we remove the violators of the law safely from the traffic stream?

In the case of the Anthony Wayne Trail, we could replace part of the median with parallel parking. I am sure that the civil engineers among us would find it a challenge about how to do that safely, and still allow traffic to move efficiently. If done well then this could become a “cash cow” for the city government (at least until people began to routinely obey the law). I bet the carryout at the corner of the Trail and South would become the safest carryout in the city if there were a cop to replace each camera 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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...established arm (like the meter minders) who have enforcement powers (they can write tickets) but are cheaper than TPPA members. This might also begin to undermine the TPPA, and lead to more successful negotiations in the future to lower the costs of policing the city. It has been brought up that a UAW member earns $73 an hour (when "legacy costs" are factored in). Any idea how much a patrolman's wages are when the "legacy" costs for their retirees are factored in?

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...when my brother uses my car, and stays too long at a meter, but I do not if he drives my car, goes through a red-light, and I get a ticket in the mail? Is it constitutional that I get a parking ticket when it was my brother who got the ticket.? Shouldn't I be fighting this constitutional battle also?

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Does that mean that the effort to replace the "red-light" cameras with police are out of favor, or that Toledoans want only random enforcement (and hopefully the scofflaws won't be caught)?

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...more police to catch robbery suspects, not traffic law violators. We should think about revising the city ordinances concerning traffic law violations. Doing away with laws concerning running red lights, and speeding. Making th drive into work more interesting. Something along the lines of what they are considering in England. Putting curves into the roads to wake up local drivers.

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...to drive in!

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Entropy will take care of the lack of "drivers awareness and eliminates the false feeling of security they may offer", http://swampbubbles.com/20090107/poll/how-would-you-see-red-lightspeed-c..., if we stop maintaining the roads (which we seem not to be doing now). Nothing like dodging potholes, speedsters, and that guy that just brushed by you as you leapt forward at the green to increase driver awareness, and eliminate that false sense of security we assume on the way to work. The Anthony Wayne Trail could become the "White Knuckle" Trail. Let's gird on our "Depends", and get ready to drive to work.

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The road that led down the mountain to the sea port of Massawa had little crosses every mile or two (some places even closer together). The road switched back-and-forth coming down the side of the mountain. Our base (and the town) was at about 7600 feet, and when you reached the flats you were only a few hundred feet above sea level. When I first got a three-day pass off, and was traveling to the R&R center at Massawa I asked the guys I was traveling with what the crosses were for. They explained that they marked the spots were the crazy locals of Italian extraction had missed a turn, or tried to pass another vehicle, and taken a flyer off the side of the mountain. I saw some real examples of "driver awareness" that went awry. I remember seeing the same kind of driving down in Kentucky when I was a boy (before I-75 took a lot of the fun out of driving down south). Usually on every trip south we'd have a real smashup to gawk at. Especially when you got into the hills.

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up route 93 from Phoenix to Las Vegas.

Some places on that road look like Arlington National Cemetary.

and many crosses are attached directly to the guardrails because there is no room elsewhere to put them.

We don't need to put Officers at intersections, and we don't need the damn cameras! We need Toledo and other cities to INCREASE INTERSECTION SAFETY!

There have been numerous studies on decreasing collisions at intersections, and two of the most effective has been:

(1) increase 'all-red' times (where all lights are red for a few seconds before any light turns green)
(2) increasing the 'yellow-time' before it goes red.

Toledo has done neither.

The City of Toledo has ignored these studies by the IHTSA and the AAA and have instead chosen to put their efforts into 'cash cows' in the form of increased revenue from red light camera at the expense of your safety!

Money. It's all about $$. And once the residents in the City of Toledo stand up and say "We're not going to take it anymore", then maybe, just maybe, the City will REALLY take your safety into consideration and change the timing on the traffic lights.

Until then, more folks will find their Constitutional guarantees are being trampled, rear end collisions and injuries will continue to increase as more cameras go up, and more & more money will fill the coffers of the City of Toledo.

All at the expense of your safety.



GraphicsGuy, thats a great idea....of course the city will never use it for exactly that reason.

I have even read that some of the red light cameras violate some part of the law that sets the amount of time a traffic light must stay yellow before turning red.

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Why aren't our light hooked up to radar units? Could it be the expense? I would think that traffic should be able to flow on the Trail until a car is detected from either direction on South Avenue, and then a yellow light would go on. Once the car(s) had made their moves on South Avenue the green light would come on again for the Trail. Instead of timed lights let the traffic dictate what is occurring.

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If they are going to put more cops on then they shouldn't be used for standing in the middle of an intersection.
Honestly how much of a deterrent is that anyways? If someone blows the light or is speeding what is the traffic cops going to do about it? By the time he would jump into a vehicle to ticket the person they are long gone and then the intersection is left without its traffic cop so more people blow the light.
Unless I'm misunderstanding what the traffic cop actually does?
If all he does it direct traffic then what's the point that is what the lights are for and he could be out answering calls for real emergencys.

The idea for a radar that would change the lights on the trail when a car approaches sounds like a huge mess. Can you just imagine the stop and go traffic on the trail if the traffic from the side streets is spaced out just enough?

All red at the same time wouldn't be such a bad idea and I'd love to see them do something different with the Airport & South intersection. Left turns can be a real pain in the ass there with its X shape. They should think about only letting one direction go at a time, at least during busy hours.

Interesting little bit of information and supports a few other cities that have done similar studies:


...to get the timing on the yellow lights increased? This link, http://www.thenewspaper.com/rlc/reports/rlcreport1.asp, seems to show that yellow lights at red camera sighted intersections are shorter. Have any of the papers in the city checked to see if this is so in Toledo?

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