Has College Football violated Anti-trust laws?


The Utah State Attorney General is investigating whether College football is violating anti-trust laws with the Bowl Championship Series.

Personally I believe it has. Utah, the only perfect team this year, wasn't even given a serious look. The "mid-major" conferences have to be perfect to get in while the BCS conferences get in automatically despite inferrior records.

The State of Utah also has a good point because they have one team in their state that has won a National Championship in the last 30 years, Bringham Young, and they have virtually no shot at it under the current system. However the Big East, which currently has no teams that have won a national champion in the last 30 years, gets an automatic bid.

The BCS in most years hasn't chosen a national championship winner without at least some controversy. The only thing it has effectively done is keep the money with the conferences who have it and away from those who do not.

The truth is those of us who would favor a different system in College Football should know that this may be the only way it occurs.

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