The Newsmeister is reporting Amy Finkbeiner broke her arm

George Tanber is reporting the Mayor's wife will have surgery on her broken arm.
TOLEDO, Ohio - Ice and the city's First Lady have a thing going on - a thing she could do without.

For the second time in a decade, Amy Finkbeiner took a spill on a slick surface, breaking her arm. The most recent incident occurred Christmas Eve on the front steps of the South Toledo home she shares with her husband, Mayor Carty Finkbeiner.

The break, which she described as a distal radius fracture, has not healed well. Finkbeiner will have surgery Friday morning at the University of Toledo Medical Center, where she manages the Volunteer Services Department.
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for a speedy recovery.

Shouldn't this story be posted on ?

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Somebody needs to tell the mayor a little salt on the walkways would alleviate those nasty falls.
Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery for Mrs. Finkbeiner.

Scene: A South Toledo home. As curtain opens, a married couple confronts pain.

Amy: OWWWW!!!!!

Carty: Remember, you FELL. You FELL DOWN THE STAIRS. Say it!

Amy: Wha...wha...wha???

Carty: You know - you FELL DOWN THE STAIRS.

Amy: I...I...I fell down the stairs.

Amy exits stage left with bottle of Valium as the curtain falls on our little pageant.

Did she cut off Troy Neff?


the Mayor for not shoveling his sidewalk. Then he can hire a lawyer to represent him at taxpayers expense, pay the reward to his wife at taxpayers expense and then sit down at home, split the money with Amy and laugh at us all at taxpayers expense.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

Jaysus, that's an overwhelming of accumulation of information on that site...let's see...we have one item from Jan. of '09, one item from Oct. of '08 and...stop the presses!!...three items from Sept. of '08.

At least Fred and subcomandante Bob understand the real meaning behind the post and it has little to do with ice on the sidewalk.

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