What message does funding carenet but not police send?

Council passed the budget tonight. I heard all of the sob stories from council members on TV on how they had no money for a police and fire class. I had to wipe a tear from my eye. Then the anchor said they funded Carenet. My eyes dried up quite quickly. To me it says they have no clue on priorities. And we wonder why we don't have any jobs, people are leaving. What about you? We should be so honored to have such bright leaders in council.

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hey Chris, what specifically do you not support about Carenet?
I don't know a ton about Carenet, but it to the ill-informed (and insured) it doesnt seem like a bad idea to me...

also, what does funding Carenet have to do with Toledo's lack of jobs?

thing is that it could be completely privately funded. There is no reason for the city to be doing it when they can't even fill pot holes and maintain city services. Our street has not had our leaves cleaned yet this year. The healthcare industry is flush with money, and that won't change anytime soon. I don't understand why they can't put up the (to them) small 30some k to fund Toledo's part. Tom Wisnewski last year showed they could get the money from other spots, they just refuse to do it. I don't have an opinion on CareNet, but I do about the City's decision to fund it when they were basically balling on TV saying how they don't have any money.

i don't know a lot about Carenet... but what you say makes a ton of sense. I don't think things like trash, leaf pickup, road repair etc should be compromised due to programs that don't need local GOV support but get it anyways

The officials at CareNet apparently made no effort to find outside funding like they promised they would last year when the city funded them.

Why? Because they knew they didn't have to. They knew the lefties on council would fund them. Their laziness should not be rewarded.

Perhaps a well organized campaign to oppose CareNet's funding next year would push CareNet to do what they are supposed to do.

I didnt follow the Carenet story last year.
Is there any evidence that the "lefties" promised they would fund them no matter what?

Well, now, while I don't agree with the lefties, but I don't think they're stupid. Of course they didn't promise to publicly fund them no matter what. That's not how things are done in politics.

Ms. Ruma knew she didn't have to seek grants or other funding because she knew that the same people who fought to give them city funding last year even tough councilman Tom Waniewski went out and found them private funding equal to what the city was going to provide.

Last year, CareNet made out like bandits. They got the money Tom solicited for them AND got city funding. It must have been like Christmas in March for them. This year, a second Christmas came just a couple weeks after the first one.

any links to back these claims up? I know nothing about this, and any info would be much appreciated

Ignazio Messina documents what happened last year in this article, toward the bottom.


I participated in the effort to privately fund CareNet last year, pledging $100. Then, Carty threw me under a bus to divert attention from his Marine gaffe and I lost two weeks of pay. Bob Reinbolt generously paid my pledge for me.

Two major Toledo hospitals just announced some eye catching profits. Since this money came from members of the public, one would think they could fund this worthwhile project.

Ok, Toledo isn't funding a police class. So what? We can do with a few less JBTs than we have now. The fire department is a little different - Toledo won't do well without enough fire control.

CareNet sounds like a nice, safe group to support but given the deterioration of Toledo's infrastructure, why is Toledo supporting CareNet? Other than political gain, that is.

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