sugardoodle the brat

chats about anything interesting. photography, i do landscape paintings-oils, the singing group the lettermen, touring hocking hills, ohio hauntings, abandoned train corridor with the moonville tunnel, has anyone encontered the elmore ohio headless motorcyle rider ghost? and all spooky haunts. would like info on old time pics of long gone towns like moonville ohio.

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No I have not encountered the headless motorcycle ghost, but I try to stay away from Elmore-I think we all know why. You should also get a Facebook account although the ability to have friends on this site is something I have thought about.


Hi chris. i'm el mahicos worst nightmare!!!!! wait till he sees my blog! suggerdoodle the brat

you don't have much time for him to see it. Is it finished?

'the ability to have friends on this site is something I have thought about'.

Pink and I would be at the top of your list, right, LOL??

Curious...what's the reference to Elmore about and why you try to stay away?

As i said on my blog ANYTHING INTERESTING and thats a large range of topics ect.

i think i'm finished.

how about you wait until he gets out to make fun of him? doing it behind his back while he's in jail is just boring.

to watch someone get kicked when they are down or to beat a dead horse.

your personal life and your parent's personal information, as well as personal attacks against your family begin on your site.

until then, I'm going to enjoy knowing each day this scumbag wakes looking at the florecent-bathed ceiling with access to nothing but that overworked and decrepit imagination.

college for criminal justice? not no mo!

and he did it to himself.


are not completely without blame for what happened. You kept things going long after when they should stop. I had conversations outside of here where I just stopped the conversation and it was the end of it. Your desire for tit-for-tat kept it going. While you were mostly behaved when not going at him, I think everyone who has been here and other boards know the probably over 100 times where threads would die with you two incomprehensibly going back and forth for hours and sometimes days.

but had this poster been reigned in provided the opportunity, the antagonizing would have ceased and the peace would have prevailed.

there's nothing like watching some two-bit weed smoking loser researching into your personal life and splaying out for all to read, Chris, without wanting to kick his door in and choke him within an inch of death.

so ya know what, Chris, I'm guilty too, but ya know something? I didn't divulge any of his personal information, or his family info nor did I attack anyone except his fake wife. And he was warned that I would should he stalk me again. And when he did, that's when I brought it to your attention and nothing was done.

hence the firing info from his stint as a failed case manager with the Municipal Court.

so as demonstrated with my interactions within other threads, the evidence is there as to where the real problem lies.

I just want you to know after all he has done, including the personal attacks on my child, I am going to truly enjoy knowing this asshole is going to be in a place where he is going to be miserable.

truly miserable.

and he gets a weekend reprieve to get his affairs in order and spends the time here.

what a bloggin trooper!

to tell you how disppointed those folks at Hirams are going to be after pumping him up for his big arrival last Friday, this event has changed many lives.

and he only has 3 hours and 40 minutes hours to go. hee hee hee

and to think this is the only human being on this planet which I am deriving great pleasure from this one's misery. I have more compassion towards that woman that birthed my child and ruined my parential life.

not much, just a sliver more

How did he ever "attack your child" ?
Display the comment, please.

Attack you ? certainly.
The child ? never.

You go far beyond embellishment, sir.

You are telling lies now.

but I'll be waiting a while for a response.

have a great time!

I'm sure you'll be missed, but not by me.


the more to read when he comes out. no doubt he'll get access to a computer in jail maybe

most of these comments are off-topic and should be deleted, according to precedent set by site administrator.

The title to this thread is "sugardoodle the brat" and should pertain to that.

So I will;
After callously attacking LisaRenee of GlassCityJungle, this person reveals herself to be 'voter'.

This is the very same person that was bounced off of GCJ for her incessant postings such as "HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-
When asked nicely to stop, she refused.

She won't last long here, either.

I'm happy voter found another place to share her thoughts and perhaps she'll have better luck with her "sleepless in Toledo" man hunting here than she was allowed to do on Glass City Jungle.

She'll have a harder time accusing Chris of being jealous or needing midol when and if he gets tired of it. I can definitely handle being considered "less popular" in the blog world by her absence and since some of you really seemed to enjoy watching her in action? I hope SwampBubbles is a happy new online home for her.


We don't remember days only moments...

GET OFF MY BLOG LISA!!!!!!!! GET LOST!!!!!!!!!

Someone appears to be just a tiny bit testy...

You really don't want to let people see you like that so early, it will ruin what you are trying to do. You also might want to check into reality, it's not "your blog" it's a community forum owned by Chris. You'd think by now Anne, you'd know that.


We don't remember days only moments...

Well stated Lisa. This person was a real pain in the ass on your blog and banning her was one of the wisest moves you ever made.

Here, people seem to be much more inclined to ignore the annoying. While not everybody gets along with everybody, most people post stuff on here that is relevant. People like Nate Chan, ARealAmerican, johnlaw, and those like them seem to give up after a while.

I'm sure Anne will not find any more success here than she did on your site.

I wish it had not been her who posted the initial offering. I, too, am interested in the ghost town of Moonville, Ohio and have visited it (no easy task) and would have enjoyed a discussion of its history with someone who had a modicum of sanity about them.

What? I didn't make the list? I'll have to try harder. Maybe I'll write an application that will turn my CAP lock on and off randomly...

ISn't tHIS muCh FUN tO REaD wheN I DO tHIs? :)

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