WSPD'S Maggie Thurber fined $9,300 for illegally funneling to Bush campaign

More than three years after a scandal that rocked the Ohio Republican Party, current and former officeholders have been hit with hefty fines from the Federal Elections Commission - all for helping Tom Noe gain prominence in Washington.

A current Toledo city councilman, a former Lucas County commissioner, and a former Toledo mayor are among seven "Noe conduits" who were fined thousands of dollars for contributing money to the Bush-Cheney 2004 re-election campaign. The contributions had been given to them by Noe.

The 17 other conduits involved were admonished, but not fined.

Noe did not receive any civil fines from the FEC because he was punished criminally with jail time and fines. He recently completed an almost two-year federal prison sentence for illegally funneling $45,000 to President Bush's campaign.

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One of the sadist parts of this, is that it was stollen tax payer money used to re-elect the worse president in the last 100 years.

But hey, now thanks to wing nut welfare, Thurber gets to go on radio everyday and talk about honest government.  Totally gross...

In his book, Freakonomics, Steven Leavitt argues that campaign war chests have no true influence on the outcome of an election. After reading his analyses, I was convinced that other factors are at I won't blame anyone who illegally funneled money to Bush's campaign for his re-election.

This is just one more instance where politicos rubbing elbows generates corruption. We all know darned well that there was an incentive of some sort for anyone who shuffled this money around.  There had to be some motivation for breaking the law other than just getting Bush another four years or keeping Kerry out. That is what I'd like to see investigated --any promises made or tit-for-tat arrangements, but it won't happen...too tough to prove. 


She a 100% honest theif.

Sensor, not enough coffee this morning?  Your spelling is not quite up to par today.  :)

$18,600 is a large fine, but if they hadn't learned the first time...

The three women involved in local politics previously were charged with violating state ethics laws for the same actions.

Lentil - I think this is from the same incident just one charge from the state and one from the FEC.

Seems like a lot of money though.

I thought the first was a benefit luncheon and then a second contribution aside from that. Regardless... remember kids, crime doesn't pay!

The question is will Noe be pardoned? Wouldn't that tick The Blade off. All that work to tear a man down and then he gets pardoned. Stay tuned.

Republicans Noe took down, as well as the stink-eye Noe put on this election debacle, I'm thinking the pardon isn't going to happen.

It may, perhaps, but I'm doubting it.

He already finished his federal prison sentence and if pardoned he still faces an 18 year stint in an Ohio jail.

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

...circulation again.  I would love to see him working for the Rs again. 

Old South End Broadway

Hand - I learned something new. I thought he could pardon more than just Federal. Guess he is screwed...correction...he screwed himself. As was said before..crime never pays.

Hand - I learned something new. I thought he could pardon more than just Federal. Guess he is screwed...correction...he screwed himself. As was said before..crime never pays.

"remember kids, crime doesn't pay"

Well, Bush DID "win" Ohio and get re-elected.  And his policies DID continue practically unfettered.  So those that benefitted from his first four years probably continued to benefit in the second term. 

Pink Slip

"In FEC documents, Mr. Restivo instead was listed as contending that he "participated in the reimbursement activity at issue at the request and suggestion of his brother-in-law, Thomas W. Noe, who was a well-respected political leader in Ohio."

 Toledo attorney Jerry Phillips, who represented Mr. Restivo, said that his client believed that Noe knew what the regulations were because he was involved in politics.

 "He specifically believed that if his brother-in-law asked him to do this, it was OK because he did not think that he would lead him into something inappropriate," Mr. Phillips said."


Pretty funny....

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