Bristol gets PAID for those baby pics

Hilarious. The same Palin family that screamed 'invasion of personal privacy' when the pregnancy was disclosed and discussed during the campaign will now TAKE MONEY from the same media for the baby shots?

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Apples to oranges.

After yammering all fall for privacy regarding the delicate situation of the unplanned pregnancy of my unwed, teenaged, high school-student daughter, I know the first thing  I'd like to see when that baby is born is the whoring-out to the highest media bidder pictures of said child.

What, the Palin family couldn't simply release a couple of shots of the child through a private spokesperson, without reaping monetary profit from the situation?

Moreover, why do pictures even need to be released? Has Bristol Palin now reached the same celebrity-level junk-status on par with the Brittany Spears/Angelina Joelies of the world? She's a teenager living the quite life in Alaska, not out hob-nobbing (yet) with Johnny Depp or Leonardo DiCaprio at trendy Hollywood nightspots or being showcased on magazine covers.

Well, I realize conservatives are often all about the free-market of ideas and financial opportunities. So, what's wrong with a little profit-taking here? Gotta capitalize and strike while the iron's hot!

Conservative family values? Actions always speak louder than words.

The press openly attacking a young lady just to beat down her Republican Mother vs. a family's right to offer their photos to a magazine. Dude if you can't see the difference we won't be able to discuss this with any logic.


I question why you continue to try and create negative news around this family?

"a family's right to offer their photos to a magazine"

You neglected to include the words 'highest bidder' in regards to this sentence.

The press 'openly attacked' Bristol Palin? Cite some references where the girl herself was attacked. By the way, you said 'press.' Liberal blog sites don't count. Was Bristol really 'attacked'...or did Sarah conveniently conjure up this phoney strawman on the campaign trial to sway otherwise uninformed voters?

"I question why you continue to try and create negative news around this family?"

I didn't create anything, but I feel this is another instance that proves Sarah Palin is, as the phrase goes, 'all hat and no cattle' when it comes to being the perfect blend of SuperMom/potential national any level.



Define your definition of Blogging.

If a poster on Daily Kos, an example of a well-known liberal-leaning blog/website, said that baby Trig was the really the daughter's and not Sarah's, based purely on rumor and speculation, that's not the same than if it was mentioned in the New York Times, on WSPD, ABC, Fox News, CNBC, the Wall Street Journal, etc. It that information had been stated 'as fact' or even in editorial form on any of those outlets or ones like them, it could considered an 'attack' by the 'media'.

That helps - but if a reporter quotes a blogger then they are taking it as a reference dispite how you read it. It implies there is truth - which the over used term "perception is reality" is used.

If they reference it in their article - I can use it in an argument. I just read an article from the Washington post that spent most of the article quoting bloggers. Is that fair game?

So no Mac...I was not trying to trick you....just carrying on a equal argument.

However - media is considered web as well. I can not give you a quote from CNN if it is not on youtube or print, dispite whatching it myself.


must be getting too late for me, but if you can find a link where some organization in the mainstream media even quoted a blogger who was 'attacking' or 'ridiculing' Bristol Palin for having gotten pregnant, I'd like to read it.

There is a train of thought, one that I don't actually subscribe to given the story I shared about my own sister, that if Sarah Palin was such a terrific mother how could her high school-aged daughter had gotten pregnant in the first place? I believe this was the thought-process of many who were anti-Palin, but the criticism was directed at Sarah, not her daughter.

And sorry, I continue to believe selling pics of the child now to highest-bidder media outlets is low-rent and crass.

nice quote from this article - "raised concerns for rank-and-file Republicans that more unpleasant revelations may soon follow" - Doesn't quote anyone about this opinion though. HMM.


According to these rumors, Sarah Palin had faked a pregnancy and pretended to have given birth in April to her fifth child, a son named Trig who has Down syndrome. The rumor was that Trig was actually Bristol Palin's child and that Sarah Palin was the grandmother. HMM.

What a pleasant way to make a few bucks. 

Old South End Broadway


Cite some references where the girl herself was attacked.



Apparently all have forgotten.. the endless rumors of the teenager being pregnant with Trig four and a half months ago and her mother faking the pregnancy for her.


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

or mentioned at the workplace watercooler don't count as being attacked by the 'press' or the 'media'  or any official news-gathering/reporting operation, anymore than if there were rumors that local bar/restuarant business is down because of the indoor smoking ban. That would be another 'rumor' with no credibility you personally would be well-acquainted with.

Happy New Year.

By the way MAC - I am sure you were defending the young lady while bloggers were attacking. Thanks for being a good person. Happy New Year.

I have no opinion one way or the other about Bristol Palin, other than I believe the issue of the press beating her up personally because she happened to get pregnant is not reflective of the facts. And I do feel her mother tried to use the situation to her advantage on the campaign trail and I find that unbecoming.

I think any young person, certainly one at the high-school level, who becomes a parent has unique challenges.

For what its worth, I have an older sister by 12 years, who is now in her early sixties, who became pregnant her senior year in high school, during a time period when it decidedly was not acceptable for something like that to happen. She and the father married shortly before their Senior Prom and my nephew was born that September. More than forty years later, she and her husband are still together.

Perhaps Bristol and her future husband will be as fortunate.




Oh, the smoker ban costing business?  Here's a blast from the past.

I see the other vile troll,el Hiccupso , has followed you to Toledo Talk. good.  Deserving of each other and all that.






'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

After the smoking ban passed, the owner of the Bronze Boar CLOSED his upstairs cigar bar and pulled his seven-foot humidor out.  He lost a mint on the smoking ban.  That's direct from his mouth.  He doesn't even have a bartender upstairs anymore.  He turned the upstairs into a game room.


Let's ask Big Jim about lost business, as well, since he  OWNS one.


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

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