Forget dead letters; worry about a dead USPS


The Postal Service is another entity in trouble-  mail volume is down

 With a nearly $3 billion loss in fiscal '08, and a projected deficit of up to $5 billion in the current year, the USPS is "close to not being able to sustain a national postal-service system to the public," Burrus said.

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Oh boy, now we've got the USPS going into bankruptcy.  Where will this all end?

out!! What the heck. Let's just toss money at them.

I betcha that if we put all this "work for 20 years and get a pension and healthcare for the rest of your life" BULLSHIT away for good, the USPS would run in the black.

I was just saying, " Gee, we haven't had a postal-rate increase for some time now...$1 for a first-class stamp might be in our future!

can anyone tell us what service the government has run that has been cost effective?

Let's see. Not Amtrack, or Social Security, nor SEC that missed the fifty billion dollar Ponze scheme, and of course not the IRS. Please try to find one example where the government has enriched our lives.


I used to collect stamps. It was very rewarding.

Until I accidentally steamed them all together.

defense in that case.  I am sure the rest of the world will be terrified of that arm of our government.  And if thngs get too hairy the troops can walk away with worrying about going to prison.  Hey, I like it. 

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