Block communications downgraded to negative from stable by S & P

On December 10, Standard and Poor's downgraded  its outlook on Block Communications from "Stable" to "Negative" as a result of the mounting newspaper loses. S & P said that the newspaper segment continues to drag down a healthy cable business.

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It's good to see that Standard and Poor's is fulfilling its modern role as a predictor of the past. LOL this economy?  I have not yet, but it does seem a possible source of saving to me.  Might hook up the old antenna again. 

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We trimmed back our cable package a couple of years ago--and recently considered cutting to the basic package. My husband called and asked about the cost differences and the operator did her best to convince him to stick with our current VIP plan. Because we are on the VIP (Internet, phone, TV) if we cut the tv out,  we come off the plan and have to pay a la carte for the Internet and phone at a higher rate.

If we need to, we are ready to cut cable and The Blade. My husband almost cut the paper in November, but I wouldn't let him!   

 Couldn't happen to a more deserving rag.

I Wonder How Many People Will Give Up Their Cable?

I gave this up a while back. I am currently using an antenna hooked up to the digital converter box. I works quite well but station selection is limited. I am interested in the Uverse from ATT. For 99.00 a month I get my phone,TVoIP and High Speed Internet. Not available at my home address yet but when it is I will give it a try.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

If Block Communications is losing money from the newspaper, then it seems to stand to reason to remove that money-losing part from the business.  We can get the "headlines" from the TV, and additional (if questionable) information from the blogs.  We can get additional information from the weekly papers, the TFP and CP.  National news can come from hundreds of sources.  If Block Communications is doing it for their egos then cut the staff to the bone, and make believe they are getting all the information out.  No one would know the difference. There are those who do not believe they are getting reliable information now. 

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