Somehow this is Bush's fault, somehow

Another report comes out saying Toledo's unemployment is worst in the state of Ohio. Of course this is Bush's fault that Toledo's economy would be the worst in the State with such high unemployment. If you are not the worst, then is that Bush's fault? What about the areas of the country which are doing good? Is that Bush's fault? Maybe it is time to bring some accountability to the local leaders who love saying it is everyone else's fault but their own. The buck never stops in Toledo and Lucas County. The good thing is soon it will be Obama's fault at least it should be or else everyone who said it was Bush's fault would be a hypocrite. I can't wait to hear a commissioner or someone in government to say that. You will hear it here first when it does get said.

Read the Blade article about the Toledo ranking:

Flashback a couple of weeks ago:
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Officials say Pike County in southern Ohio had the state's highest unemployment rate last month: 10.5 percent. Click here to see a map.

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I wouldn't blame it on Bush. I would blame it on all politicians who reward companies for sending jobs outside the US, in order to increase profits at the expense of American workers. (not to mention those that pushed to deregulate the financial industry)Naturally, this scenario would affect manufacturing areas more than others. That's why I think it's equally wrong to blame all of this on Carty, as some of you are prone to do.

Pink Slip

Pink Slip

...Clinton. None of it had anything to do with Nixon, or Ford, or Reagan, or the Bushies. It's a financial thang. Just cyclical. Or is it cynical?

Old South End Broadway

I would blame it on the city's failure to adapt to a changing economic model.



The good thing is soon it will be Obama's fault at least it should be or else everyone who said it was Bush's fault would be a hypocrite. I can't wait to hear a commissioner or someone in government to say that. You will hear it here first when it does get said.

Don't get your hopes up on that one. It'll never happen. The Obamatons will say he's just digging us out of the mess left by the worst president ever

Rather than alway wanting to blame (and I am just as guilty as the next guy), we really need to a)dig out and b) prevent it from happening again.

The desire/need to point fingers is connected to the anger we feel; I guess we can't help but think that things would be different otherwise, no matter what that otherwise might be. I'm with Pete, who discussed legitimacy in a previous post--it's hard to trust anyone in government, knowing that government decisions are responsible for exporting manufacturing( as Pinkslip reminds us), inflating an economy, rewarding failure, etc. etc. etc etc....

Local leaders over the past century have to be at the forefront of blame. At the beginning of the 20th Century, Toledo was a fast growing, progressive city. After World War II, we became a city locked in an industrial-based past, trying to apply early 20th Century answers to late 20th Century challenges.

The fact that Toledo is the worst of many is no reason to overlook the obvious blame that rests with W and his Republican allies. Blaming Democrats and/or unions alone makes no sense either. Look at the unemployment rate in so many of Ohio's rural counties which are dominated by their local Republicans and anti-union leadership. The fact is that Republicans controlled Congress for 12 of the past 14 years. The fact is that Republicans controlled the White House for 20 of the last 28 years! Where has America gone under this leadership? If Toledo ranked worst in a vibrant economy, things wouldn't be nearly so bad.

"What about the areas of the country which are doing good(sic)?", you ask. The answer is that there aren't any such areas, at least not large enough to matter! There are some areas which are not doing nearly so badly, but have you seen the figures on housing foreclosures in Las Vegas, for example? Vegas had been one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the nation over the past 40 years. Now, Vegas has the highest foreclosure rate in the nation! How about real estate values in the former booming areas of Florida and the Southwest? Our drops look like nothing compared to theirs!

One problem we have in Toledo, is that we tend to find fault with any emerging leader who wants to try something new. Joe McNamara and Ben Konop propose ideas that are "out of the box" to improve our economic status and many "powers that be" look for every reason why these proposals can't work. Joe and Ben are criticized by Democrats and Republicans alike. Ben is often the one on the short end of the 2-1 votes among the county commissioners, and the others are both Democrats. The older I get, the more I look to younger leaders who are not weighted down by the past!

Arguing blame is a fruitless endeavor. What we need is ideas for improving Toledo's position and America's position in a world economy. We cannot afford to waste time assigning blame for past mistakes. We must learn from these mistakes and move forward. We cannot keep looking to the past for success in the future!

...we are going back to the way things used to be. We will have a wage that we will divvy up between what we want now, and the money we will need to survive on later.

If you are wise you will not consumer like you did in the past. If you are wise you will not have more children than you need to replace yourself in a consumer society.

A possible future would be to cut back on public health, have more children, and people would die before they become a burden on the society. I wonder if the trend toward automation, or robotization will slow, or grind to a halt? One of the reasons for robotization is that such a machine cuts the costs of labor (wages, benefits, and retirement). If the cost of human labor decreases below that of the initial cost of a robot then it would be smarter to employ humans. Otherwise, machines are a better value.

But if everyone tries to maximize automation then who will have the money to consume the products produced? We certainly would not want to "socialize" these products; it might be wise to produce the product, then destroy it if it can not sell for the price point we prefer (like farmers pouring out milk when it produced beyond the market's means to dispense it).

Well, we will live in interesting times.

Old South End Broadway

Perhaps not. But, who has controlled the White House for eight years and Congress for all of that except the last two?

We need stronger government oversight/regulation. No more unrestrained 'what's always good for the free markets is good for us' bullshit.

...the solution of "priming the pump" with a trillion dollars of work on infrastructure is foolish. We should let lessez faire capitalism do its thing. Eliminate social spending, and let nature take its course.

Old South End Broadway

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