Carty buys his Christmas gifts in Perrysburg

This is very TMZ tabloidish, but today, at around 11:15am, Carty was seen doing his Christmas shopping at Books-A-Million at Levis Commons in Perrysburg according to a very reliable source. It is nice to know that Perrysburg book stores have the Mayor of Toledo's seal of approval. Maybe he was poaching, pirating, and pilfering great book deals at Books-A-Million.

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Well, it is indeed hypocritical for the mayor to shop in P-Burg, but what is even more hypocritical (if it's even possible that his hypocrisy could get any worse) is that the mayor buys anyone gifts at all.

How can a person such as our mayor be so mean-spirited all year then at Christmas give people gifts? It makes me wonder if the mayor's concept of Christmas is only to be nice on Christmas and "the king of sinful sots" the rest of the year--as if gift-giving makes up for his arrogance and lack of contrition.

he is so cheap that he was taking advantage of last - minute price reductions and was buying gifts to himself.
His ego is that large....

The books were probably bought so he could plagiarize material from them as he has done in the past.....

and present some corn-ball idea for Toledo that he stole out of "Mayor's Monthly".

... if he bought his presents online from amazon?
slow news-day huh?

If ColorMeGone is right that His-Grand-Exalted-Omnipotent-Egoness was at a bookstore buying gifts for himself, then we SHOULD care and be worried if none of the titles include Attacking Faulty Reasoning, by T. Edward Damer, or Irving Copi's Informal Logic, or perhaps Mortimer Adler's, How to Read a Book .


We should care because Carty is so concerned about companies like Owens-Illinois moving their headquarters to Perrysburg, but it's ok for him to do business there and add sales tax dollars to city coifers?

Shopping at is not the same thing, though I see the point...all that money goes out of state.

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