What's your impression of the snow removal efforts on the City of Toledo streets for the latest storm?

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but the $130,000 Finkbeiner pissed away at ESM would have gone a long way toward clearing streets.

I know it is not as 'sexy' and does not get press conference coverage like the ESM debacle, but then again, it IS in the charter.



streets have yet to be plowed or salted this winter.

Judging from the conditions of the streets I couldn't tell that any snow removal efforts were being made, other than in the downtown area in the neighborhood of Government Center. I would guess that Carty's street is probably doing OK as well. Last year the road "maintenance" was non-existent. Looks like the start of a trend.

I do not think I can blame Carty for the ice that covers the neighborhood streets. I would not have gone out today but my neighbor was going stir-crazy, and wanted to eat out. For those who have to report to work this must be a terrible time. But I think that it is the nature of the weather as much as Carty. Snow, and then rain, really made it difficult to drive everywhere safely.

Old South End Broadway

and a new mayor

My street was plowed, but only because a neighbor with a truck did it. 8-)

The snow??? Our street is still waiting for our leaves to be picked-up.

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