Toledo Young Republican Club Shovels Snow to Help People Impacted by Conveyance Fee Increase

*** NEWS RELEASE*** Stop by and join us!

TOLEDO, OH — The Toledo Young Republican Club will hand out flyers Saturday, December 20 letting residents with homes for sale know that the Club will shovel snow at their properties to offset the recent increase in Lucas County’s real estate conveyance fee.

The Club will hold a press conference at the corner of Markway and Pemberton near Cricket West at 10:45 a.m. on Saturday to explain the snow-shoveling offer and express their opposition to the tax increase.

Lucas County Commissioners recently voted 2-1 to raise the county's real estate conveyance fee by $1 per transaction to provide a permanent funding source for the Lucas County Improvement Corporation (LCIC).

This tax increase will now cost the average home seller in the county an extra $120 in closing costs. According to Commissioner Konop, the passage of the fee will make Lucas County’s tax on real estate the highest in the state.

“The County Commissioners gave everyone an early Christmas present this year, a nice tax increase,” stated Young Republican Club Vice-President, Chris Myers. “These homeowners will soon be paying much more if they are able to sell their property; the least we can do is help them shovel their snow to offset the cost increase,” Myers said.

The Club will start passing out flyers and shoveling the sidewalks of homes for sale in the neighborhood of Commissioner Tina Skeldon Wozniak. This is to remind her neighbors that she cast the deciding vote to increase their taxes.

“The local Young Republicans and University of Toledo College Republicans are here to help those who are unnecessarily burdened by the new tax passed by Commissioner Gerkin and Wozniak,” Young Republican Club President, Jeff Simpson said. “Raising a fee and adding a tax is the last thing Toledo and Lucas County needs in its current situation. You cannot tax your way out of record foreclosures and population decline. The best remedy for this situation is real economic growth, not government sponsored wealth transfers,” Simpson concluded.

The mission of the Toledo Young Republican Club is to provide leadership within our state, county, city and communities while enhancing fellowship between our members and creating working relationships with those in public policy positions. This is done in order to infuse the ideas of freedom and liberty into the framework of our local governments.

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We did not have the chance to get to the number of houses we wanted to. Altogether we stopped by 15 houses that were for sale, but being that most were already cleaned we left literature. Thanks to all of those UT College Republicans and Toledo Young Republicans who stopped by. Fox Toledo was there, watch them tonight for coverage.

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