Budget Town Hall Meeting- Blatant Media ALERT!!!!!!!


Not much of a crowd tonight at the second of three town hall meetings on the budget. The elected officials and administrative staff outnumbered citizens about 2 to 1. I counted 13 citizens total.
Much of this year's info is similar to last year actually and after speaking with Donna Owens earlier in the week it's similar to problems from 1983 on.
D. Michael Collins will be on with me at 7:30 to cover as much as we can in half an hour on Thursday morning.
Had a nice chat with Theresa Gabriel, and Dave Amstutz about the Erie Street Market which I'll share with you. And Dan Wagner of the TPPA shared some info with me before the meeting you might want to know.
And of course Dock Treece with the most accurate financial information on the radio. Enjoy!!!

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