Oil news in Toledo - Pickens in Toledo more Canadian oil sand crude on the way to Sunoco?

First, T. Boone Pickens was in Toledo today talking about his plan to wean America off of foreign oil.
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Northwest Ohio to be oil sands refining center?
It now appears that the local Sunoco refinery is looking for a partner to refine Canadian oil sands crude. That would put this area on the map for refining this type of crude in the United States. The Oregon BP refinery is already retooling for Canadian crude.
Eisenhans said Sunoco, was also hoping to find a partner to supply its Toledo, Ohio refinery with crude from the Canadian oil sands.

The oil industry has spend the past two years seeking to link Canada's vast oil sands reserves in Alberta with refining capacity in the United States.

ConocoPhillips and EnCana have 50-50 stakes in Alberta reserves and two U.S. refineries, and last year, BP Plc and Husky Energy agreed to link BP's Toledo, Ohio, refinery with Husky Energy's oil sands holdings.

Such arrangements provide a secure market for the extra-heavy crude and allow companies to avoid building upgraders in Alberta, where a tight labor market has led to skyrocketing costs.

Sunoco chief executive Lynn Elsenhans told an analyst meeting Monday that the Philadelphia-based company is seeking a partner to invest in retooling its 180,000 barrels a day Toledo, Ohio refinery to take more bitumen.

After the Toledo refinery work is complete, Sunoco would also like to find a partner to invest in improvements at its three refineries on the U.S. East Coast, Ms. Elsenhans added. She didn't give a timeline for the potential projects or name which companies Sunoco would be interested in partnering with.

Longer term - at least five years out - Elsenhans told analysts today in Center City that Sunoco has big projects on the drawing board for its refineries in the Philadelphia area and Toledo, Ohio, where she envisions a joint venture with a Canadian tar-sands producer.


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