Blade story on local bloggers

If you did not already see, the Toledo Blade had a front page story about the bloggers in the area. Yours truly was also in it. I had one quote and it provided a description of what I do and a link to a couple of my sites. Newspapers are limited to a certain amount of space and seeing the print version, that space was rather large. The online version you can't get the same feel for what was put in the print version. The print version of the article also included a photo of me live blogging the TPS meeting last month. Almost three weeks ago, I talked with JC for 1.5 hrs about blogging for this story. They never put everything in you say into an article and only pick out a few things so there is nothing new there. Overall I give the Blade kudos for writing the story and bringing in some local leader viewpoints added a different twist.

You can read it at:

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I did read the article about local bloggers, which is how I discovered SwampBubbles! :-)

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