Want to buy a high school? The former Macomber High School is for sale

The former Macomber High School at 1501 Monroe St is in foreclosure and set to be sold at the sheriff sale this month. If any of you are interested, bidding will start at 500k. This may be a good time for a charter school to purchase the property. See the attachment for the December list of properties.

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This is a bunch of happy horseshit. $750K appraised? With all those boiler troubles? $500K min bid? Preposterous.

I advise everyone to stay away from this sort of auction until we arrive at "absolute auctions". An absolute auction has no real minimum bid, and MUST SELL to the highest bidder regardless of price. So, if Macomber was being auctioned off absolutely, they can try to start at $500K, but the lack of any bids at that price would send the REAL price down in a hurry.

So Macomber should sell for $100K-$200K, considering the capital required to make it usable. Arguably, it should be FREE, but around Toledo, "friends of the mayor and council" would be the only beneficiaries.

a piece of me just died inside

you can never go back, they say

i have to agree, again...

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