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I have been hearing about this for the last couple of days. What a tribute to the capitalist system. This guy found a way to make it work for himself and a few people. Anyone have a 401(k) invested with this guy? http://www.forbes.com/finance/2008/12/12/madoff-ponzi-hedge-pf-ii-in_rl_.... Everyone who knows this guy say he is a very nice, sweetheart of a guy.

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...insider knowledge he was using rather than it being a Ponzi scheme, http://finance.yahoo.com/tech-ticker/article/145115/I-Knew-Bernie-Madoff-Was-Cheating--That's-Why-I-Invested-with-Him?tickers=^dji,&gspc,^ixic.. You'll have to paste the link, or goggle "Bernie Madoff" and look for "Why I Invested With Him". That's why you and I will always be on the bottom of the pile.

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A Ponzi scheme!!

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The amazing thing is that people in general are STILL against regulating the financial system, yet Madoff was able to get away with a fraud at a level of 200-to-1. How can it be possible to run ANY sort of official financial fund, where 99.5% of the fund just doesn't exist?

In Bush's America, that's how. Note well that I don't think the Dem Prez and Dem Congress will put a stop to this sort of thing whatsoever. They have been BOUGHT by these same, criminal, financial elites.

What I love is that it is ok for the government to force us into a ponzi scheme. But other Americans can't get people to give up their money VOLUNTARILY. The people involved in this new ponzi scheme were just scammed, Government forces us into their illegal ponzi scheme, and we all know how unstable Social Security is. I am sure I will never see any Social Security money, and I don't care, just stop stealing my money.

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