Troy Neff Show: Not Going Away

11 covers the curious case of Troy Neff. Troy explains that he will be back on the air waves soon.

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More thoughts about Troy Neff and road rage on my blog, but I hope that Troy is able to get this behind him. I found him to be less blindly partisan than most conservative talk show hosts, and he certainly knows the financial markets as well as anyone in Toledo.

for sharing your thoughts hot head :) giggle

Heh. I've had my incendiary moments, though I think I've reached the point at age 44 where I recognize I am mortal. These days any road rage is limited to being stuck in traffic when I'm running late, which is more like frustration at my own decision-making. Yesterday I forgot that northbound Secor is reduced to one lane south of Laskey, and I got stuck in a half-mile line of cars inching up.

Dumb, Brooks, dumb... how many times must I make the same mistake? Grrr.........

I drive to Ann Arbor a lot, it really affected me at the beginning. Now it really does not bother me much at all. I am use to the idiots and have come up with mental games which always tend to work. I have thought about writing something on driving strategy, and maybe one day I will. I also avoid the areas where I usually run into problems.

What the hell is a "T-mail"? Is that a tech creation that's special to Troy?

I used to have road rage moments. I almost ran a guy off of the road at a lane merger because the guy moved out to pass me and then contented himself with driving beside me for three miles. The guy didn't realize that the lane ended until it was almost too late and nearly caused a multi-car pileup.

A short time later, the guy passed me. I looked over and saw he had his wife and two small children in the car. I thought about what could have been and how it would have been my fault. It really put things in perspective for me and, while I routinely cuss drivers on the road, I don't take any action anymore.

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