Joe the Plumber is not a McCain fan

Yes! More Joe the Plumber news!
So Joe's out promoting himself and the unfinished book already on Glenn Beck's radio show (Audio tape below). Don't tell Joe but, frankly, he's museum-grade history as far as 2008 politics are concerned.

But he's still out there talking. Joe admits he's a little more educated than other people about politics. So his insights are worth more. He finds Palin to be "the real deal."

But Joe says after talking with McCain in depth on the bus and quizzing him in depth about the bailouts that Joe doesn't like and neither does McCain if they've got pork though he voted for it, which Joe apparently doesn't like. Joe says he was "appalled" at some of the things he saw in politics.

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It's only natural. I wonder how much of a "real deal" he thinks she is?

Old South End Broadway

it is time for Joe the sissy to get out then!

Shows how big a plumber's tool Joe really is.

He was happy to get onto stage with McCain when he thought it would do him good and he's happy to bash McCain to pimp his new book...

I title this thread "The McCain Mutiny."
Joe had something to say once and served a unique purpose to the McCain campaign. Other than that, he does not seem to be especially well versed or well read as far as politics goes. Many participants here know a lot more than he. I wonder if he is smarter than a fifth-grader when it comes to say, The US Consitution....?

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