Expert says bill to keep state workers from snooping would cost $100 million

What do you think? If it costs 100 million, is it worth it?
COLUMBUS -- Legislation designed to keep state employees from using state databases to snoop on people may come with a hefty price tag: More than $100 million.

That's how much one expert estimated it would take to comply with record-keeping requirements sparked by the Joe the Plumber scandal.

Daren Arnold, interim chief privacy officer for the state Department of Administrative Services, stunned lawmakers Tuesday with his testimony before the House State Government and Elections Committee.

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Get caught doing it, get fired. Simple cost save. funny how the Democrats can turn a scandal into a 100 million dollar net gain.

From the article: Arnold's cost estimate of more than $100 million stems from language in the proposal which forces state agencies to record every time they access specific confidential information for a person.

The only way something like this would cost $100 million is if the government is involved. Moreover, if the government really wanted to protect a civilian's private information, the crime would be treated as a drug crime with a gun specification. Try that little beauty out and see what happens...

Mad Jack
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