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So here is the update from today, you can see what Fred posted below on his report on the scene, below are some of the other reports. The mayor did not lay out a strong case on why you should not believe him. Here is the news roundup of the event today:

Fred will be talking with Tom Schlachter at 7:30am on WSPD. I am sure he will have some to say about what Carty said.

Fred's report:

Although it was during my usual nap time today I went to the mayor's "press conference" on the recall effort. Normally a press conference includes questions from the press but the mayor really just wanted to make a statement this afternoon in front of a friendly hand picked crowd.
In attendance were most of the city dept. heads including Chiefs Wolover and Navarre, Theresa Garbriel, Don Moline, Andy Ferrara and what looked to be any stray secretaries and office people. It was easy to pick them out because they stood when the mayor entered and applauded him. Guess they won't be on the forced furlough list for Christmas. Bob McCloskey was there and we had a nice chat. So were Brian McMahon, Andy Stewart, Ed Nagle. Brian Wilson, and a number of others.
What we heard was the mayor's charges against Stewart, Mc Mahon, and Schlachter. Of course he repeated the "they don't even live in Toledo" red herring. So what? JRB doesn't either and niether do thousands of others who have left because of Toledo's taxes, fees, and fines. But they all have in common one thing at least....they pay taxes in Toledo if they work there or own property in the city limits. Why shouldn't they have a say in what happens here.
The mayor reached back in his bag of tricks for a story about the Monclova annexation deal which he blames on McMahon, metioned the Rossford Arena, and of course the intermodal. He failed to mention Bass Pro though. Talked about Andy Stewart even though Stewart heads up the most successful radio stations in Toledo and keeps hundreds employed DOWNTOWN. And took off after Schlachter one of the most successful builders in this area. Reached back to a Port Authority deal that the mayor claims went bad because of Schlachter.
Then he offered them all a chance to move back to Toledo if they would just show they care about the city and it's poorer citizens, if they would give to local charities, and if they would speak well of Toledo. What a joke.
Finkbeiner then touted his many accomplishments including Jeep, Powertrain- we know how well they're doing. COSI-even though it was voted down twice by the citizens he wants us to care about. The marina district which still has no private money from Larry Dillin committed to it, and of course Tetra Tech. He went through his laundry list without mentioning the Erie Street Market, Hillcrest, Commodore Perry, refuse fee, no police class, no private ambulance service, or the thousands spent $10,000 at a time.
And then he said he would turn to Sen. Henry Waxman with tapes of WSPD to see what the congress could do about WSPD not adhering to the Fairness Doctrine. He must not know it was repealed in the 80's..
An amazing performance all in all and I'll be talking about it on Tuesday with Tom Schlachter, as I'm sure Brian and Maggie will also do on thier shows. That's all the show prep I have for you other guys now, next time show up yourselves. Enjoy!
Other resources:
Video: - Good video - Decent coverage.

12/09/08 - a good Roberta De Boer column - article on event yesterday

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is trying to threaten WSPD with the force of government? Wow, is this the same guy? I would never imagine him to use government to try to get someone to do something.

Just as a further update.....Tom Schlachter will do an exclusive with me tomorrow at 7:30a. on the mayor's comments and charges. I was going to try to get someone from Philadelphia on but then I thought.....hell who cares about Philadelphia we live in Toledo.
Here's to the crazy ones, the rebels, the troublemakers, the ones who see things differently -- they're not fond of rules... You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can't do is ignore them.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.


Be ready for the liberals. They will probably try to squash blogging as well with their "Fairness Doctrine". Can you imagine JRB's reaction if he were told he had to publish a view opposite of his own?

Funny that Carty would raise two intermodal projects as "failures". I know for a fact that he doesn't understand the issue and doesn't care to learn. Intermodalism does not require participation of railroads.

Not once in the two years and six days I worked for him did I ever hear him express interest in any transportation or intermodal related project.

"Funny that Carty would raise two intermodal projects as "failures". I know for a fact that he doesn't understand the issue and doesn't care to learn. Intermodalism does not require participation of railroads."

From Brian McMahon's Intermodal Presentation:

Critical Element # 2: 
Rail Transport 
Why Rail Transportation is critical 
• Trucking industry is challenged by: 
−New hours of service rules 
−High cost of fuel 
−Shortage of drivers and equipment 
−Increased highway congestion 
• Port throughput and efficiencies are enhanced 
by a transfer of product from boat to rail 
Rail transport to industrial facilities requires an 
intermodal/rail ramp


"Show me a man who lives alone and has a perpetually dirty kitchen, andfive times out of nine I'll show you an exceptional man." -CharlesBukowski

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

Someone else who doesn't understand intermodalism.

To construct a rail-oriented rail site, you need a lot at least two miles long and at least a quarter mile wide. The McMahon property out there does not meet that requirement.

What makes the McMahon property so valuable as an intermodal facility is its proximity to air and road modes.

There are different types of cargo hubs. One is a distribution hub which is what BAX has at Toledo Express Airport. They take large containers off of cargo planes, break them down, and put them on trucks for transportation to another distribution center known as a "pick and pack" facility where the cargo is sorted for its final destination.

The McMahon land is ripe for a regional pick and pack or as a distribution center for an air carrier. Everybody knows the big US freight carriers like Fedex and UPS. But there are a number of international companies most people have never heard of.

I don't know if it is possible to expand the McMahon property to two miles. If so, one would have to clearly demonstrate to railroads how an intermodal facility at Toledo Express will be profitable for them.

Railroads are not expanding. They are taking tracks out of service. Convincing them to add a new spur into that area would be a difficult undertaking. But not impossible. Rickenbacker did it as did Wood County.

Actually, the rail system in Toledo is pretty screwed up -- especially at the Port of Toledo. That is why, even with dockside rail, there are seldom cargo transfers from ship to rail or vise versa at the Port of Toledo. It's too expensive. Railroads are not eager to share their tracks with their competitors. They do it occasionally, but they make their competitors pay.

Brian, do you like the way the internet is now? The internet currently operates under "network neutrality" guidelines. It may require government regulation to keep it that way. Does this scare you?

Pink Slip

Pink Slip

Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This is more frightening than any scene from the SAW movies! Talk about a chainsaw massacre; let the government have rein.To quote Heart of Darkness, "The horror! The horror!"
I can't look!

PinkSlip, many of your posts here ask us to consider letting the government "fix it". I Implore upon you, and anyone else, to PLEASE provide me with a list--a short list--of ANYTHING the government has run that it hasn't screwed up. Really, I am serious and will consider with an open mind--what government programs WORK in a way truly is best for everyone? For the nation?

Helen, do YOU like the way the internet works now? Would YOU prefer it if if were spit up into a two-tiered system?

PLEASE provide me with a list--a short list--of ANYTHING the government has run that it hasn't screwed up.

In the last 8 years I can't think of much....

Pink Slip

Pink Slip

War of 1812, Mexican War (if that is still PC), American Civil War, Spanish-American War, occupation of numerous countries for their/our benefit (Haiti, Nicaragua, Cuba, Panana, etc.), World War I, Banana Wars, World War II, maybe the Korean War, maybe Vietnam War, and Desert Storm.

A lot of the participants also valued the WPA, the CCC, and other programs that gave them work until the capitalists got off their fat asses and began to invest in the economy again. Maybe that is what we will need in the future.

Old South End Broadway

Wow Brian Wilson's and Carty Finkbeiner's massive egos and heads fit in the same room? Where was this press conference; 5/3rd field?

The Toledo Free Press article states:

[Henry] Waxman is working to reinstate the “Fairness Doctrine,”

Does anyone have any proof of this? I couldn't find any...

Pink Slip

Pink Slip

No luck here...I wonder why Carty singled him out as the go-to guy in his most recent diatribe?

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