Food Town coming back to West Toledo

I was happily surprised when I saw the old Pharm store in the Kenwood Shopping plaza at Douglas and Central undergoing some work today. I was really excited when I saw it was going to be a Food Town. Rite Aid made a mistake in closing that Pharm store and I am glad Food Town will be re-opening there. I will stop by when the weather is better and snap some photos. This is good news for this part of West Toledo. The Kroger store on Secor and Monroe is too crowded and there really is no other grocery store excluding Costco. They are sitting on the leases of the former Food Town stores on Secor and Executive Parkway as well as the one on Sylvania and Douglas. I don't like going to the nearest Kroger store because of the crowds. I loved the Food Town stores before they closed and went there frequently and had positive customer service experiences there. Of course it is not the same management, but I am willing to try them again. Again, kudos to Food Town. They picked a good place to locate.

I noticed some other media coverage of the step back into Toledo.

Fox Toledo Coverage:

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...few years also. I remember when the "Farmer Jack's" opened at the Byrne Road location, became a "Basics", and now is an empty shell again. I imagine someone will reopen it as a grocery store, and reclose it again in a couple of years. That is what America is all about.

Old South End Broadway

Just like the unions did to FoodTown the first time and like the unions did to Farmer Jacks TWICE.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

You have no idea what your talking about!! The Union(s) had NOTHING to do with the demise of either one of these two chains. Your off the cuff remarks make Republican/Conservatives look/sound stupid. Don't assume, look it up or ask what happened to these two chains.


It would be nice to see if the new owner Sam Jabro could offer jobs back to former employees if they need them. Does anyone know if the two Foodtown Stores he operates in in Lambertville and Temperance are unionized or if he was given any type of tax incentives to reopen a Toledo store?

- Just the KAT, thinking out loud again.

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Now, I'd like to see the old Foodtown on Alexis near Tremainsville reopen. we could really use an alternative to Kroger in the area--a lot of us in the area frequent Monnettes', but they don't have everything. The boarded up building is also an eyesore/blight on the neighborhood.

I heard Janneys was negotiating the purchase back when they sold their Secor/Alexis property, but in the end, opted out.

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