New recall effort against Carty started - Updated

If you did not hear on WSPD the new recall initiative is now out on Carty. The group will be doing more than just recalling Carty, they also plan to support good candidates.
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You can hear the full interview and details that came out on Brian's show at:

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Michael Miller has a column on the movement:

Brian Wilson also has a piece in the upcoming Free Press:

Toledo Blade has weighed in with two articles:

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12/10/08 - Update: - Take Back Toledo hires Brian Schwartz
12/11/08 - Updates: - Reinbolt comments on Brian Schwartz working on the initiative. Says Brian lived outside of Toledo.

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Explain it to me. Where do the taxes come from to run the city or county? Should we only use real-estate taxes, or income taxes? What does a pro-business community look like? Is it so wealthy that everyone sends their children to private schools? Do they allow no regulation of businesses? Do we need more whorehouses in Toledo to be "pro-business"? Should we overturn the anti-smoking legislation to be pro-business (I can live with that)? From what I understand it is the "business community" that pursues such things as fire and police protection, but perhaps they do not want additional taxation for these "amenities".

Old South End Broadway

Government should be neither pro- nor anti-business. It should be neutral on what a business "needs". We have some deep cultural psychoses if we ever accept either set of policies.

Fred seems to think that by being "pro-business", a government can run at a higher rate, like a business with more revenue. But that's the exactly wrong way to run a government, since all the government then cares about is MONEY, which is Toledo's problem with equal exactitude. A government is not a business. Its business is not to GET MORE and to DO MORE. With the legal power that a government commands, GETTING MORE will only lead to converting the citizens into serfs.

Literally, if we let Fred's version of a truthfully hellish government come to pass, businesses will have all the power in the government, and citizens will become slaves ... all because a citizen is not a revenue-generating entity.

We're not living in the USA just to support the government. The government is a tool to allow us to live together without killing each other. Since every tax is theft -- because 50.1% can take from the entire 100% -- we ought to be extremely careful whenever a tax is proposed. A Constitutionally minimal government is essentially the solution. Toledo doesn't have that. Toledo has a massive, interfering, obscene government. Considering Toledo is in economic free-fall, government in the area is largely obsolete, since all it does is tax the citizens at a level they cannot survive, just to deliver reduced services that largely don't relate to survival anyways. Literally, Toledo's government's purpose is to keep about 1% of the people living in a manner that exceeds the level experienced by the other 99%. That's FEUDALISM.

GZ, let me post here what I just posted to ToledoTalk. There's some 'parallels':

"More Feral Government Digging Into Your Pocket!"

In America, as in many parts of the world, We, the people, are in hard economic times. Home foreclosures are at an all time high. Items essential to simple existence, such as food and heating costs, have skyrocketed. And, although temporarily declining in price, the cost of going to work each and everyday had reached over $4.00 per gallon! The 'Cost of Living' - that of just making ends meet for many of us - is climbing each and every day and, in response, many of us re-examine our expenses and 'tighten the belt' on some luxuries, sometimes finding it necessary to cut back on essentials!

Simple economics state when expenses exceed income, either raise income (hard to do in these days of rising unemployment) or cut expenses. Business that find themselves bringing less income cut back on expenses by lowering costs, often times requiring staff cuts through layoffs, or they may raise their income by raising the price of the product. Of course, raising the price of products just begins the vicious cycle of digging further into your pocketbook, necessitating you to cut back on even more expenditures. Multiplied several million-fold, this is the reason we are in the situation we're in - no one is spending money on 'non-necessary items', and this affects economics.

The cost of doing business also affect governmental agencies, whether it be the City of Toledo, the State of Ohio, or the Feral Government (yes, 'Feral' - see definitions from 'Wiki' at the end of this column). And now, according to the story , the Feral Government has come up with a sure-fire way to dig even farther into your pocketbook! They are now wanting you to pay for the 'privilege of travel' - whether it be to Aunt Mary's house at Christmas on the other side of the state or your daily drive to work on the other side of the city. The want to tax you to drive! The Feral Government is 'lobbying' the States to convert their freeways to toll roads. Although the column mentions "lobby state governments", it is my bet that it will be similar to the Feral Government's "lobbying" the states to lower the freeway speeds to below 70 mph - "Lower the speed or risk losing Federal monies. " or "Raise the legal drinking age or risk losing Federal funds." ”Lobbying" is nothing more than 'nice-speak' for extortion. Sounds better. Kind of like "collateral damage" means innocent civilians killed.

Do you think it will stop with the freeways? Am I being too cynical by thinking it ain't gonna stop there! Today, I-75, tomorrow, the Anthony Wayne Trail! New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has proposed charging $9 per car entering downtown Manhattan during business hours! What's to say Toledo won't see it as a 'cash cow' and start charging for the 'privilege' of entering downtown Toledo?

I'll say it now, as I've said it for quite awhile - the Government - especially the Feral Government - has gotten WAY out of hand and it's time to do something, instead of going along with it like a bunch of sheeple!

And my reasons for referring to 'our government' as Feral? If one looks up the meanings of 'feral' - such as in 'Wiki', one will find the following definitions:

escaped from domestication and returned, partly or wholly, to its wild state. (Doesn't get much 'wilder'!)

from Latin fera, "a wild beast" (and quite the 'beast' the government is!)

seeking out new territory or range to exploit and displaying active invasiveness (and seeking more ways to invade people's life)

can have a significant impact on an ecosystem by predation on vulnerable plants or animals, or by competition with indigenous species. (self-explanatory, with us being the 'vulnerable plants/animals!)

...taxes. No tax could be passed without 75% of the registered voters voting it. I think there would be very few (if any taxes) passed then. And the ones that were passed might not have 90% of the electorate behind it, but I think 3/4's of the registered voters is a pretty good number.

Old South End Broadway

I've often considered that option. But Americans are very resistant to changing the voting system. We can't even implement instant runoff voting around here, must less "none of the above", and we certainly can't get people to understand the necessity of a supermajority in many other types of votes.

With digital tracking of individuals, we don't even "need" collective voting any more. Sure, we could hold votes, but if you vote FOR something like Tarta, then YOU are volunteering to have your house taxed for it. I'd vote AGAINST funding something like Tarta, hence my house would NOT get taxed for it. The results would be public as usual in the aggregate numbers, but if a COSI levy passes, then only those who voted YES on it would be the ones hit for the taxes.

If that were the case, I'm quite sure those useless and wasteful Tarta and COSI votes would have MUCH lower passage rates, since like I said otherwise, 50.1% loves to steal from the other 49.9% ... but if the 50.1% was only stealing from ITSELF, it would become 10-20% in a tearing hurry.


WOW. Now I know why we're in the mess we're in when OSEB doesn't understand pro business.
The more businesses a city has the more income tax, sales tax, real estate tax that city can collect. The more the city collects the more they can spend on essentials like police, fire, court system, sanitation.
Pro business is having low cost, easy to obtain permits, lower taxes, a mayor who treats people with respect, commissioners who don't see raising fees as a new revenue stream, cooperation between the elected officials of other cities, and a city that doesn't put itself in direct competition with private businesses like ambulance services, rental halls, and concert venues.
Here's to the crazy ones, the rebels, the troublemakers, the ones who see things differently -- they're not fond of rules... You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can't do is ignore them.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

I am not as sanguine as you are that being "pro-business" will take us to a political Nirvana. What does pro-business mean for Toledo? I hear complaints about the landscaping that was done on the Anthony Wayne Trail, and yet those critics are not "pro-business" for the fellow who did that work (I suppose he was a private contractor for the city).

As for the city involving itself in "public" areas (like the skating rinks at some of our parks), I could perhaps see that given to a private citizen but they may not want to be liable for the accidents. One place I've always put a government is as a pioneer. Space travel in the private sector would not be possible unless the Federal government blazed the trail. Now that NASA has done the heavy lifting, and the private sector sees the honey pot in the near future, they are willing to "invest" in space. The private sector has never been about pioneering, just exploiting for profit.

A 150 years ago private enterprise south of the Mason-Dixon line would have involved "entrepreneurs" exploiting human labor without thought of compensation. And that was not communism but capitalism in its most elemental form. So it will be interesting to see what "pro-business" means for Toledo in the next 5-10 years. What laws we will have to fashion to make business comfortable in Toledo.

Old South End Broadway will be interesting to see if the next mayor can do these things. I doubt it.

Old South End Broadway

It appears that the Moses-Schlachter Group is located in Sylvania Township.


"Show me a man who lives alone and has a perpetually dirty kitchen, andfive times out of nine I'll show you an exceptional man." -CharlesBukowski

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

To add to what Fred said, a business friendly community doesn't have a mayor that drags businesses through the mud on a whimsical investigation ordered by the publisher of a newspaper. I won't name the two businesses because I don't want to add to the negative publicity.

Suffice it to say, one of those businesses made a substantial investment in renovating three downtown buildings for their offices and the other is headquartered in Bowling Green, but set up an office in Toledo because they thought it would be good to be in the metropolitan center of the region. What they got for their troubles was a mayor who wants to bring them unwarranted negative publicity.

The Moses-Schlachter group may be headquartered in Sylvania Township, but I can tell you that they do a lot of business in Toledo and have had a number of developments held up by the city because of bureaucratic ineptitude. I

I've known Tom Schlachter for a number of years. He has no partisan agenda and has supported candidates of both parties for office. All he wants is to be able to conduct his business, which generates wealth, without having the disruptions of the city government. He'd also like to have a city that is business friendly so he can make money.

It took a lot for Tom to engage in something like this. He is not a spiteful or vindictive man at all. He, and the others backing this effort, can't take it anymore.

It matters little to me who is starting this recall effort. I think that man is such a negative on our community that I would support nearly any recall attempt.

who the mayor of this dismal city is. The reason my family is moving and so many of my friends and family before me....includes many reasons. Primarily, we're tired of bending over and grabbing our knees while Columbia Gas and First Energy pump us in the back end. Carty doesn't have much to do with that.

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