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As I contemplated the election, a couple of things were disappointing. I have a question for you people, what damn taxes don’t you like? Is there a tax you don’t like? If there was a tax that could be increased, you people did it. What the hell were you thinking? Where’s the money going to come from with more people losing their jobs every week?

Locally there were so many uncontested races. That’s something that we have to change. That’s something that’s going to have to start with you. But I don’t have a whole lot of faith in you people right now in promoting change. We’ve got a year here, to get your heads on right.

We have important races in our area in 2009, including mayoral, that are going to have a greater impact on our lives than what happened Nov. 4 — a greater impact than Barack Obama winning the presidency.

We have to take responsibility locally. We have to take responsibility for ourselves about what happens here and now. Take responsibility for how we can make life in Northwest Ohio better. It’s up to us; it’s not up to the government, certainly not up to the federal government.

The more we can localize these issues, the better. The more that we can get people in these offices that understand dramatically continuing to increase the taxes is not the answer.

Here’s my answer. Obviously people think we need to invest in education, for example.

Is there some moron out there who thinks we’re not?

In what particular year have we cut the spending on education? We just keep spending more and more and more. There’s not a single study that has been done that proves a link between more money for education and higher graduation rates or getting better educated students.

Washington, D.C., is the best example in the country. They have some of the highest per capita spending, per child on education, anywhere in the country. Yet they can’t graduate 50 percent of their students. In Utah, one of the states that spend the least has some of the best results. There is not a direct link. Where we do spend money, we need to spend it a bit more wisely.

We do need change. How about performance-based pay. How about we start rewarding those teachers who are exceptional and getting rid of the ones aren’t even average? But instead they’re protected by their unions. That’s what we have in this community now.

COSI paid $1 rent a year and they couldn’t make it work. Sounds like other than some changes with some of the board members, some of the same people are going to be in charge who did a pretty poor job of managing COSI in the first place. But again, what we do in Northwest Ohio is continue to reward bad behavior.

Thank President-elect Obama for reopening COSI. If the central city doesn’t get out and vote as they did, this issue goes down again. Here’s what I heard one woman say on local talk radio, she said, “I don’t pay no property taxes so I don’t care.” That’s the attitude of a lot of our fellow citizens. It’s somebody else getting taxed, somebody else’s money. If you don’t pay property taxes, what right do you have to even vote on those issues?

I have no explanation for it anymore. It’s in some ways a little disheartening. But as I’ve said and will continue to say today, tomorrow and the day after that, my life isn’t going to be made better by this president; it’s not going to be made worse by this president. I won’t give President Barack Obama that kind of power over me, my life and my family. I’m going to determine the outcome.

If I have to work even harder, well then that’s what I have to do. Will higher taxes and government giveaways be a disincentive for many? Of course. If it means there will be more obstacles in the road, it will just be more obstacles that I dig under, go around or climb over top, because that’s what people like me do. I hope more of you join me.

As the government takes more from us, spends more, putting a greater financial burden on our children, I hope you decide to do the same. Don’t give them the power; keep that power for yourself. Work harder if you have to and just do what you’ve got to do. It’ll have its own rewards. That’s what I think.

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Right now the public debt is $10,681,135,920,463.07 ( thanks to Congress and King George II. The One will seek to increase that debt because he just has to, and besides, money is better when it's spread all around. His Own thoughts, not mine.

Local politics are a joke. The head clown is an evil tempered sociopath with delusions of grandeur, abetted by a cadre of ego centric politicos whose sole purpose in life is to feed their own narcissistic egos the emotional equivalent of six pepperoni pizzas and a six pack of cheap champagne each day, and pay for it with tax dollars supported by substandard services.

Education is a tragedy. By this time no one has noticed that all those students in the academic emergency schools have matriculated, and provided they've managed to stay one step ahead of the Toledo keystone kops some may be voting age. How many of those can actually read? How many are aware of the current political situation in Toledo, never mind the State of Ohio? I don't even want to consider the percentages.

This isn't apathy you're seeing. This is ignorance.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

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