The Troy Neff Show: TNA IMPACT's Kurt Angle Interview

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Kurt Angle Interview

KURT ANGLE is regarded as the most accomplished wrestler of the last decade and before all is said and done, he will most likely be celebrated as the greatest Pro Wrestler of all time. Witness Kurt Angle on this 2 disc set with over 7 hours of material as TNA chronicles the life and career of the Olympic Gold Medalist!

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I hadn't taken the time to listen to this since I didn't know who Kurt Angle was until I Googled his name. I'm a little curious as to how he impacts my life. He doesn't affect my paycheck, or my taxes, has no bearing on my lifestyle, and as far as I could tell is not from nor has he ever been to Toledo. Is this the type of post that Mikey was talking about the other day, just a self serving piece of drivel?
People who live in a Glass City shouldn't throw stones.

People who live in a Glass City shouldn't throw stones.

Maybe people who live in a Glass City should just ignore posts that don't interest them?

Don't recognize the name? Don't care about the topic? Then don't read the post. Sheesh!

Only one more month until the inauguration and Obama will fix it, don't worry.

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