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What's the point, Chris? If Obama gets his way he'll just throw us all to the tender mercies of the insurance industry, and their job nowadays is to take in the most money while paying out the least. Forcing people to pay insurance premiums will only make those premiums SKYROCKET. In addition, the insurance companies will rush to create "tiers" of services, and you can just bet that as a middle-class loser paying huge premiums, you'll be on a low tier.

The only health care that makes sense for a national model is a true, single-payer, government-run system. I can prove this easily, by pointing out the statistics:

1. We already have socialized medicine. It's just dishonest and results in the highest care costs. What happens is that a poor person waits uncovered until his malady becomes life-threatening, and then we spend huge amounts of money on the emergency care that we as a civilized people MUST PROVIDE FOR HIM.

2. The USA has the highest, per-capita, health-care costs in the world ... by some distance over the #2 spot.

3. The UN's measurement of quality of service for health care puts our most-expensive system at about #37 in the list of nations. That ONLY means 36 other nations (largely having socialized medicine) deliver better care for less money per-capita.

The middle class boob (and there are many on this message board) tries to bleat sheeplike about how socialized medicine will be too expensive and not very effective in the USA. But that's just propaganda, since we ALREADY have socialized medicine here ... it's just dishonest, and forces people to risk death and disability, and results in the highest possible costs of care. A government-run system literally CAN'T be more expensive than what we taxpayers are ALREADY paying for in unnecessary emergency care. We could instead have had a basic diagnostic set of services paid for by the SAME TAXES, resulting in many more instances of early diagnoses, resulting in less care, hence saving on emergency costs.

At worst, we'd spend the same, but would have less people risking death and disability as a result. And that's what a civilized people would do!

Anyway, Obama's a bought politician by larger economic interests than you or I. He's not going to implement single-payer, socialized medicine. No, he's going to throw you working rubes to the for-profit insurance companies like a chicken tossed into the dog kennel, and they will pull a huge premium every month from your paycheck, as a MANDATORY act. Then you will get the run-around at the for-profit hospitals. Then you will get piss-poor service at the for-profit outpatient clinics. NOTICING A PATTERN HERE, YET?!?!

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