Real growth not government sponsored wealth transfers

I am under the weather right now but given the time sensitive nature of this, I wanted to post the latest Toledo YR e-mail:
December 2008A Public Hearing December 2, 2008 at 2:00 p.m. in the Board of County Commissioners Hearing Room, One Government Center.


This week Toledo YR Club President, Jeff Simpson and
Club member, Mark Kidman will speak out against the
proposed real estate conveyance fee increase at a public
hearing in front of the county commissioners.

If you are unaware, county commissioners are
debating whether to raise the county's real estate
conveyance fee by $1 per transaction to provide a
permanent funding source for the questionable Lucas
County Improvement Corporation (LCIC). However,
the Toledo-Lucas County Housing Fund board would
like the money instead of the LCIC touching off a war
between the two agencies. The conveyance fee for
real estate transfers is currently set at $3 for every
$1,000 of property transferred.

The Club would like to shift the debate about the fee
increase from a battle over which government agency
will get the money to whether the fee is needed at all.
Raising a fee and adding a tax is the last thing Toledo
and Lucas County should due in its current situation.
You cannot tax your way out of record foreclosures
and population decline. The best remedy for this
situation is real economic growth not government
sponsored wealth transfers.

If you have not called Tina Skeldon Wozniak to urge her
to VOTE NO on the conveyance fee increase than do so
now! She can be reached at 419-213-4500, CALL

For more info:

December Happy Hour
Wednesday, December 3, 5:00 pm at Omni (formally Gatorz)

The monthly Happy Hour is not a formal club event; no
club business takes place at them. They are designed for
club members and non- members to casually mingle with
each other to better strengthen friendships within the
Republican community.

This months Happy Hour will be on Wednesday,
December 3, at Omni (formally Gatorz) located at 2567 W
Bancroft St, Toledo, from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm. It is a cash

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When did Wozniak ever meet a tax she didn't like? Calling her on that is pointless. She needs to be replaced by a FISCAL CONSERVATIVE.

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