Shooting?/Strange Incident at Best Buy parking lot on Monroe...?

Me and my wife were leaving the Kroger at Monroe and Secor tonight around 10:30 pm, and saw a lot of young people all over - in the Kroger parking lot, and across Monroe Street. We weren't sure what was going on, but my wife saw a girl who was being helped up by 3 people in the Best Buy parking lot, but she was to weak to stay up. The police showed up as we were trying to exit Kroger (along with a fire truck). Not sure what exactly happened, but we overheard some girl was shot, and we saw the police attending to the victim. The victim was laying in what would be the edge of the Best Buy parking lot close to Monroe.

Also, the number of young people in the area as we were leaving was strange. not sure why there were so many - we saw about 50.

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