Toledo Should Play Barry Manilow

A friend of mine visiting from Arizona mentioned (about Toledo) that he's never been to a city with so much rap music noise pollution. He was suprised Toledo is not constantly producing readings on the Richter scale. Here is an article about a judge forcing noise offenders to listen to music they don't this case...Barry Manilow. I don't care for Barry...but anything beats living in a 24 hour rap concert like Toledo. Link to article.

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goes along with light pollution, graffiti and trash. The TPD are too busy looking for dogs to shoot and the Toledo city government would be a joke if they didn't hurt anything. My guess is that forcing noise polluters to listen to Barry Manilow for a few hours won't change their behavior.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

I think I'd rather hear Snoop Dog coming down the street then Manilow. Either way, my neighbor hood is pretty quiet.

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