Councilwoman Webb Proposes Ottawa River Dredging Summit

Councilwoman Lindsay Webb announces that she will hold a press conference to
discuss her stance on the necessity to maintain funds already designated for
the dredging of the Ottawa River.

Date: Monday, November 24, 2008

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Ottawa River Yacht Club
5844 Edgewater Drive (see map below)

Webb strongly disagrees with Mayor Finkbeiner's proposal to reallocate the
funds reserved for the dredging of the Ottawa River and will meet with
citizens to discuss the Mayor's proposed action. "Although balancing the
budget is a priority, money set aside for nearly 10 years should not be used
to make up for current budget deficits, especially considering the positive
economic effect of using the money as intended," Webb says.

A 1999 Ohio State University Sea Grant Extension study, *Valuing the Ottawa
River: Economic Values and Impacts of Recreational Boating*, indicated that
the dredging of the Ottawa River would have an immediate impact of $5
million for our community.

With this positive impact in mind, Webb proposes an Ottawa River Dredging
Summit in early 2009 where all interested parties can work together to
overcome primarily political objections and reach a consensus on the project
and establish a realistic timeframe. She is ready to facilitate a
discussion among local and state officials from both Ohio and Michigan,
elected federal officials, local business representatives, local yacht club
members and state agency representatives. "I understand the sense of
urgency for the Toledo budget, but if the Mayor is able to take the money
away from this project, it will never become a reality," Webb says.

The Councilwoman will present her case at the Ottawa River Kleanup
Association ( meeting, and will be available for questions from
citizens and the media. Petitions against the Mayor's proposed funding
re-appropriations will be circulated.

The media is respectfully requested to be present.

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We have streets in Toledo that are in such poor shape that cars can barely go down. I’m not feeling too bad for the people who can’t get their boats down 10 mile creek…

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