How do you feel the Pitbull shooting at 1840 Talbot is being handled? Let us know what to tell Officer Tony at Blockwatch.

"Blue never rats on blue" -- it'll be a total cover up!
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There's more potholes in the cops allibi than in Toledo streets!
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I'm not a dog person or have not yet seen the video at
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They had to do what they thought was best at the time.
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The police are always right -- that's why they're the law.
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Do not know what to think. People have a right to protect themselves. "It was just a dog". If they are under "the color of authority" there is not much we can do. Perhaps we should reconsider the whole cop thing. Are we better off protecting ourselves, and getting the cops out of our lives? After all, they are part of government. If we do not want this happening from the police, we should arm ourselves, and then, at least, it would be another civilian shooting the dog who was "endangering me" rather than the police during a raid. Then we could have shoot-outs over "Fido" and "Rex". It seems to me that the cops are the lesser of two evils (state violence vs. more numerous public violence).

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"color of authority" does not give police officers carte blanche to do whatever they want and require submission to their authority.

I would suggest googleing 'Title 42, USC 1983' for additional information.

While it is a United States Code that was drafted largely to deal with civil rights violations, I do believe it could be extended to cover deprivation of property rights, also.

...when I am faced with a man with a gun I usually do what he demands. Perhaps these officers may be held accountable for the death of the dog, but I think that it will likely be a written reprimand buried in someone's file. And that will probably be removed at some time in the future per union requirements.

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Mastiff mix. The old man who owns the house (but not the dog) went out to work on his car. He left the fence open. His son (a 40+ who owns the dog) let the dog out, and dog came through the open gate for the boys who were playing football in the vacant lot next door. All got into the bed of a parked truck but one who was bitten numerous times. He had 15 stitches (1 for each puncture from the dogs canines). Someone got the dog distracted; it ran away and the old man said it was not his dog. The last I heard the dog was in quarantine waiting to be put down after it is determined that it does not have rabies (supposedly it had it shots). My brother is mad because neither the owner nor his father want to take responsibility for what happened. He says if he sees the dog again he is going to shoot it. The father of the bitten boy has already hired a lawyer. Goodbye, house.

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I am not a fan of pit bulls personally. I'll admit its because I've seen/heard too many reports about this breed of dog hurting people, especially children.

I'm sure that there are some pits out there that are quiet and demure dogs but if I saw one running out of a house or yard towards me I wouldn't assume anything except that dog was a danger to me. If I was carrying a gun I would likely pull it out and be ready to shoot it, especially if my son was with me.

That being said, if the report from the witness is credible then I'd have to say that this time the cops were wrong. If the dog wasn't acting in an agressive manner then they should have allowed the homeowner to take control of the dog instead of opening fire.

...has cost the family of the injured boy (whose father is out of work) $5,000 (probably because they went to an emergency room). I feel sorry for the old man who may have to sell his house to meet a court judgment. The son (from what my brother tells me) is a wife-beating a-hole so he seems the type who would own a "macho" dog like this. Too bad the wrong people (and animals) suffer when a dog is trained to be "tough" and gets out of its cage.

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If the father is out of work, they shouldn't have had to pay anything for the hospital fees. (Presuming that the mother doesn't have a high income.)

Every hospital in Ohio has to offer financial assistance through the HCAP program (see description here on the Ohio Hospital Association website: )

If a family is at or below 200% of the federal poverty level for their houshold size, they can get a substantial discount (or free care entirely) for the hospital ER fees. But, they have to request financial assistance and fill out an application w/documentation.

Doctors fees, of course, would have to be handled separately - they don't fall under the hospital program.

If the family is out of work and paid $5,000 towards hospital charges, they really should inquire about financial assistance. With no income, the family likely would have gotten the hospital fees waived entirely. (as long as they met the criteria I linked above, which they presumably would with no income)

P.S. This is why its so important not to just ignore a hospital bill if you think you can't afford it. Fill out the financial assistance application and you may not owe anything. Ignore the bill, and they can't help you - you're stuck being liable for the full charge.

Talk about an animal being disciplined. His master trained the dog from the get-go to not beg for scraps from the table. The dog is great with the kids. All they have to do is point, and the dog goes to his cage that he stays in when he sleeps or to be away from excitement. I do not think I could discipline a dog like that, but he is a wonderful animal. But he is already getting old at 9 years (our dog, a mixed breed of about 30 pounds and 16" at the shoulder, lived to be 15).

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The dog ran out front, and if it was a pit bull that brings a whole new scenario up. If the dog was running free, then there is an issue. Toledo code says:

505.09. Dogs or cats running at large; nuisances.

(a) No owner or keeper of any dog or cat shall permit such dog or cat to run at large, or allow any such dog or cat off the premises of the owner or keeper, unless such dog or cat is restrained by a substantial leash or harness or otherwise under the direct and constant supervision or control of the owner or handler. Any dog or cat within the limits of the City that is restricted upon the premises of the owner or keeper must be so restricted by means of a secured fastening or suitable enclosure. No leash shall be required when dogs and cats are permitted to exercise along streams and/or in parks, provided permits therefor have been obtained from the property owners or the Commissioner of Parks and Recreation.

The dog was not restrained like it should have been. The owner has to take some responsibility over this.

The dog wasn't "at large", she wasn't running loose in the street. She was, according to the article, in her front yard.

If you watch the video you can plainly see that not only is the front porch enclosed but that the yard is fenced in.

The dog wasn't running at large or off the premises of the owner. She was in her owners yard, she was in her own fenced in yard.

So far no one had come forward saying that the dog was acting in an agressive manner.

It seems that this dog saw an open door and headed outside that she probably had dozens of times on a daily basis. If you open my back door (leading to my fenced in back yard) my dog will probably go out. That doesn't mean he needs to be shot.

The cops dropped the ball on this one, plain and simple.

that disguise the true facts of a situation and begin to call a spade a spade ?

"The cops dropped the ball on this one, plain and simple."



As long as this type of activity is tolerated, it will continue.

When citizens recognize the problem as it exists, and then DEMAND change, only then can the revolution begin that will return our society to a free society.

video only read the report.

then at the last press conference Finkbeiner had at Ottawa Park Ice Rink, since Scout was running wild all around the area without restraint of any sort, should I have been allowed to shoot the animal to death ???

What we have here is the advancement of a police state that snuffs out the civil rights and property rights of citizens and is accountable only unto themselves.

El Mahico is right about this. The TPD is not trying to keep the peace, nor are they trying to selectively enforce the local law for the benefit of the mere civilians. By their actions they affirm that the Toledo Police are ignorant jack booted thugs who enjoy exercising their authority at the expense and discomfiture of the civilians.

In his role of village idiot, Carlton Finkbeiner has committed the crimes of menacing, assault, assault and battery and domestic violence. That Carty was never arrested, charged and tried is not equitable or just, but it would be equally unjust if he were tazed, sprayed with pepper spray, handcuffed, beaten and humiliated by a group of local thugs and had his dog Scout shot and killed in front of him and his family.

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