Northwest Ohio has two suspicious Joe the Plumber inquiries - yet mostly silence locally

In what is almost unbelievable, there were now two suspicious inquiries locally about accessing Joe the Plumber information, yet it seems like just crickets chirping with local media. It would be really interesting to request a public records request to check all suspicious background checks from Toledo Police and NW Ohio BMV bureaus and see what shows up. The Columbus Dispatch took the lead on this and has really set things in motion.

What is going to happen to TPD's McConnell after her hearing? What is the status of that? Who was the person to look up the information at the Sylvania BMV? Will there be an investigation into that?

Interesting of note was what Chief Navarre said, that if there was no Joe the Plumber we would not be talking about this. That is sort of a surreal quote in a big brotherly way. I am sort of thankful there is a Joe the Plumber, because the hammer needs to come down hard on this behavior.

"The inspector general's report also disclosed an additional suspicious-looking check run through a BMV office in Sylvania, near Toledo. The access to information on Wurzelbacher is under investigation. Other state agency checks on Wurzelbacher were proper and involved public information, the report said.

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So, chris - how is Joe's book & movie of the week coming along? (he seems to be your idol lately). What a joke this guy is. He no more has 'great insights' than your mailman does.


Yeah, well, he's making more money than you or I right now, I'm sure. Your f**king guys won, and you still can't get past hateful and insulting.

Personally, Id like to know exactly WHO the 'media outlets' in Toledo were that delved into his past-was it Block's rag, or TV stations? Looks like we'll never know.


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

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