Troy Neff Show: Mayor Carty Finkbeiner and Joe McNamara on the show today

A loaded show today on the the best morning radio show in Toledo. The Troy Neff Show, where the newsmakers come to talk.

Morning Podcasts

Carty Finkbeiner

Joe McNamara

Finkbeiner discusses the plastic bag tax.

  • Finkbeiner eyes 5-cent tax on each plastic store bag in Toledo...[blade]
  • Joe McNamara discusses funding for the police class

  • McNamara offers plan for police, fire classes...[blade]
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    No votes yet I might continue to get at least one or two every time I shop (I usually average about four or five per trip). I have the permanent kind of shopping bags (which I usually forget to take) so I can start to use them. When I do get too many bags I recycle them so I am not part of the problem (at least, as far as filling the landfill goes). If this is what it takes to make good public policy then I am all for it.

    Old South End Broadway

    But this isn't being done as responsible public policy. Plastic bags have been a problem for a generation. Czarty is therefore only doing this to steal more money from Toledoans. He's counting on people being so lazy that they'll take yet another fee without complaint or avoidance behavior. Literally he couldn't care less about reducing plastic bags, since he would have done something about that in his first term. In fact, he would like us to use MORE bags, since he'll get more money that way.

    I predicted that once revenues started to fall, the politicians would go on the warpath with taxes and fees to maintain their empire. IT'S CLEARLY HAPPENING.

    ...I would recycle whether there is a fee or not. I just try to be more careful. Just like I recycled before there was a fee. There are many of my neighbors who do not consider it worth the effort (even to save $2.50 a month). Depending on good social policy for revenue is a fool's game. Most people will adapt their behavior to the new reality and revenue will not rise to meet expectations. It is just more convenient to tax people for bad habits (like smokers are taxed) rather than tax everyone on the basis of a need (such as the "need" to have a piece of land on which to live gives rise to real estate taxes). If only the landed had the right to vote (as in the early years of our country) then we would clearly have a more reasoned tax structure. Those days are long gone now, and people vote on their perceived best interests. So taxes are passed that many of us find objectionable. For example, I am all for private education. Get rid of the public school system, and let those who value their kids' future pay for it.

    Old South End Broadway

    ANOTHER TAX??!! My, oh, my, this socialist steals tax and waste ideas from other socialists, and he really believes Toledoans', will not flee, not abide by the law, or do some other activity that COUNTERS his madness?! Toledo socialists, have got to be the creepiest, critters to crawl from the creek , EVER ! Karl Marx, LIVES in the form of a sawed off runt named CARLTON !!!

    demented, thought processes of Jeffrey Dahmer live on in the mind of a wacko named "COON".

    Go away son, you bother me.

    like you need to think up ANYTHING, SOMETHING, on your own.Has a candy assed sissy like you EVER, had an original thought in your whole miserable life? I , didn't think so.



    Is there some way to please fix the ignore user button to block comments as well as original threads? I don't know about everyone else but I've read enough of these rants.


    note above.

    It is much appreciated.

    I confess I've had that tune and lyrics dancing in my head lately, for no apparent reason. How does it go?

    greasy grimy gopher guts
    ooey gooey birdy feet
    mutilated monkey meat
    aaaaaand I forgot my spoon!

    ... or something like that. Perhaps it's johnlaw's manner of postings that led me down that path. Har!, costs $.0137 per bag. Cheaper than Carty's proposal. Also, the stores (if they have any sense) will give a discount to those who bring their own bags.

    Old South End Broadway

    ..."Great green gobs of greasy, grimy gopher guts
    Mutilated monkey meat
    Perculated porpoises
    Great green gobs of greasy, grimy gopher guts
    Try, try some todaaaay!!"

    This was always sang as loudly as possible while walking down a street where you were not likely to be reported back to your parents by neighbors who knew you. Of course, in those times (the late '50s) I never heard the "f-word", and I used to go down to the drainage ditch (or "creek") that ran under Meteor Street near the the round-about to practice my cussing with friends out of the range of adult ears. Then we could practice saying "God-damn" and "Jesus Christ" out of range of my friend's very Catholic mother ("I never want to hear you boys take the Lord's name in vain"). Oh, what innocent times.

    Old South End Broadway

    Yep, I had my mouth washed out with soap a few times. Obviously, it didn't make any fuckin' difference. ;^)

    A loaded show today on the the best morning radio show in Toledo. The Troy Neff Show, where the newsmakers come to talk. .....

    " morning radio show..." ??? You smokin' crack again little man?
    Like the old saying goes If you're do damn good, why don'tcha have any listeners?
    If you had listeners, you'd have SOME ratings. But you have zip, zero, nada.

    Wouldn't "best" attract some SPONSORS? You can't count your audience so how many SPONSORS do you have?

    Outside of your own sorry excuse for "financial advice", I'd say ZERO.
    Work for you little man?

    I'm Jes sayin.....

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