If The Police Force Is Cut How Will You Respond?

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...older whether they want to or not. So will more of us buy weapons to defend ourselves, agree to higher taxes to hire more policemen, or other alternatives? Is it cheaper to put up more surveillance cameras to keep track of the bad guys? Do we forego additional patrolmen and police the streets ourselves while leaving the "detecting" to the police? And, do we begin to crack down on properties that are fire traps to cut down the expense of fire runs (since firemen will also retire).

Old South End Broadway

Hey Toledo!

Your mayor and your City Council sold you fools on the idea that not passing the 3/4% income tax renewal would cause Police and Fire layoffs! Also, without the 3/4% income tax, your "Cadillac" garbage service would go away.

Meanwhile, the city unions have 1st dollar healthcare coverage at your expense.

HAHAHAHAHA! Now that you suckers have voted for being raped again, the first things Carty and your City Council are going to cut is FIRE, POLICE and privatize your "Cadillac" garbage service.

So make sure you keep voting to give up your money to these liars. After all, they know that you never learn and they will bleed you dry as long as you lap up the Democratic Leadership lies the way a dog eats it's own vomit.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Well, Not all of us voted for that tax.

What ever happened with the Sylvania Ave. substation? I drive by a few times each week and there are always regular cars there, as well as a few police cruisers.

There is a criminal element in Toledo that will only grow bolder once it detects a breakdown in police response. Predictably, Toledoans will just pretend that everything's OK, but slowly as people are robbed at gunpoint while at a gasoline station, or by having their doors kicked in while they are at work, Toledoans will become ever more fearful of what the general public is doing. Demands for police protection will only be met with "concentration" efforts, which will only work for the neighborhoods with the increased presence -- with the side effect of even greater instances of crime in all the other areas with the drawdown for the concentrated forces.

Ultimately Toledoans will come to understand that calling the police will only work in highly select instances. More and more crime will pass unrecorded in the official numbers, which current mayors will naturally describe as better efforts by law enforcement. And still, Toledo will just learn to live with it.

Then (perhaps 15 years from now, give or take), Toledoans will notice that children are disappearing right off the streets and right out of yards. What Toledoans will do then is debatable, but it's possible that a boiling point for the general public will finally be reached. It's also possible that these enslavements will also be tolerated, perhaps in the case of a continued Democrat Congress and Presidency that will have effectively outlawed (unconstitutionally, of course) the ownership of weapons by then. Disarmed, Toledoans will probably feel even more powerless, hence will have to endure even more outrages.

I already carry a concealed weapon as permitted by law. Calling police works well for noise complaints or similar nuisance calls. The rest of the time the police arrive after the crime has been committed.

In so far as reducing the number of police is concerned, which police force are you referring to? In the case of Toledo PD, selectively reducing the number of police would be a good beginning. For the City of Sylvania PD, the fewer the better. The Sylvania Township PD is already being reduced by Chief Metzger and the Sylvania Township Trustees, which is not a good thing. STPD has good, high quality peace officers and is well-liked by the community.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

I am not concerned about reductions in police coverage; Mr. Browning resides at my house and keeps the peace.

However, I am at my limit with Finkbeiner's dementia and consider this and the plastic bag tax as the final straws. Time to move on....

Probably end up in Vero Beach, Florida.

Toledo doesn't need weaklings like you around. You make the area wreak from stale thoughts, stale statements, and very , very stale breath. Don't you greasy pukes ever brush your green teeth?!?!

They volunteer every couple of years at an orphanage there. Teens get dropped off there by parents on drugs/ alcohol. Drug use and prostitution is high. Houses and yards are surrounded by barbed wire and mean dogs. Could you imagine Toledo in 10- 20 years ? I hope this picture isn't us, but I see the beginning signs of this kind of breakdown.


As of this moment, 13% of people on this site favor more taxation to solve the 'problem'. Some things never change.


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

Well, it's incumbent upon us who can see that future, to urge people to take control of their neighborhoods NOW, so that the criminal element doesn't take root. Once it does, it's a lot harder to dislodge, and removing it tends to involve violence, which threatens lives (yes, even the lives of the thugs, which should concern us as a moral folk).

I think highly of the Toledo Police Department and its chief. But I think the real reason for the drop in murders and other violent crime is concealed carry.

A lot of cops were in favor of concealed carry because they knew it would be an effective crime deterrent. They were right.