Ohio must be in good shape: Governor can take almost 20% of his time campaigning for Obama

In looking at Strickland's schedule you would think things are fine and dandy in Ohio. Not only that but some high ranking members of his staff also took significant time off:

Chunk of Strickland's year spent on election

Gov. Ted Strickland spent all or part of 44 days since June 1 campaigning for presidential candidate Barack Obama and other Democrats, according to a schedule provided by his office yesterday.

Seven members of Strickland's staff also took varying amounts of unpaid leave to work for Obama or other Democrats. For example, Chief Operating Officer Aaron Pickrell ran Obama's Ohio campaign.


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Interesting link...

Is that unusual? I don't imagine that it is, but don't have evidence to back that up. For instance, did Jeb Bush campaign less for his brother during the 2000 elections? Definitely curious...

One could build an argument, too, that Obama's interest in further helping the auto industry via government handouts is in the short-term interest of Ohio's workers.

It's a disgrace how much elected officials are derelict in their duties during election periods. This will only continue as long as we remain so complacent as citizens. And you know what the really silly thing is? Congressfolks don't even bother voting when on the campaign trail, YET we have the best communication infrastructures on Earth. Why can't we arrange for Senators and Representatives to vote electronically? This is all very stupid and is one of the iconic reasons why the USA is such a stupid society.

After all, B. Hussain Sotero, Barry Obama, or whatever he is calling himself this week, missed up to 87% of his votes in Congress.


Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

You can refer to him as President-elect Obama.

You lost. Now why don't you just take the high road, at least until he actually makes decisions once in office. I realize it will take a great deal of discipline, but I'm sure you can accomplish this. Other conservatives on here have. Or course, some others have not, but that's their problem.

there is still a freedom of speech in America unless that has now changed? You can start your own site and dictate the rules there, not here.


As I've said frequently, Mr. Meyers,I fully intend to show this prez the same courtesy his predecessor was shown over the last eight years.


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

the founder of the SB 'fairness' doctrine (altering members' posts) lecturing me on freedom of speech is a yuck. I'm simply helping Libs out with the proper name of our President-elect, as it appeared on the voting ballot. If you don't like it, feel free to exercise your freedom of speech and not comment on it.

MikeyA, Molsonater, perhaps a couple other conservatives or at least non-Obama supporters on here recognized the election results without rancor or ill-will, crying about Acorn, valid birth certificates, or making snide remarks about his name. You want to throw in with the likes of Libs, Johnlaw, etc. I'm sure they'd love to have you and the fit would be perfect.

After President Obama gets into the decison-making process and makes moves that prove to be to the detriment of our country, pile on all you like, and in some cases if I agree with you I'll join in.

the thing you forget is Libs is right about Obama. He was registered at the Indonesian school as Barry Soetero. So where is he wrong? You are wrong for saying Libs can't say something.


Also, prove where I have altered members posts? What happens is someone will say that, I ask to prove it then then the accuser starts tap dancing around. Where am I whining? I told you to stop saying what someone can and can not say and if you want your rules start your own site. Please enlighten us on how that is whining?

I also think it is interesting that the election is over and no more talking points posted by Pink Slip. The checks must have stopped coming in. I am more justified in my suspicions that Pink Slip was a paid campaign staff member.

referring to Obama by a name he was given by his then step-father as a child is simply a way to ridicule and disparage. The campaign is over. The voting is done with. Stop the nonsense and act like a grown-up.

If you or Libs insist on calling him Barry Soetero or Hussain or anything else, fine, go right ahead...just don't forget the most important part....President-elect. Almost two weeks later, it's revealing how hard that is for you to embrace that.

Did you or did you not add material to contributers' comments in order to 'balance' them out? Not respond or comment to what to what they had to say as everyone else can, but actually add your own opinion to their comments within their post itself? Really, Chris, you never did that? That's funny, I remember reaction to your actions in this regard and those reactions being almost universally negative by other site members, and I would most certainly call it altering.

Still have a woody for Pinkslip? Are you joking? You've already been told, he's been posting on local blogsites for years.

To follow your delusional train of thought along, why don't we just assume Rahm Emmanuel is really Pinkslip and now he's too busy being (President-elect) Obama's Chief-of-Staff to worry about posting on Swampbubbles. Sure, there you go, that's the ticket.

people still have questions about who Obama is and using one of his aliases is a way to make that point. Grown-ups can do that you know. They don't need condescending anonymous posters trying to tell everyone what they can and cannot do here, like you are doing.

Paid posters are not allowed here and they are called spammers. Pink Slip's behavior mimics this and because Pink Slip wants to remain anonymous we have every right to wonder about his/her motivations.

Regarding your opinion that I add info to comments, I have never done that. Again, you make allegations and don't provide any proof, especially odd since you said that you "remember" it.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

People may have questions about who Obama is as a person, I get that. But to doubt his childhood names as some insidious indicator - really? But let's dig into the why's of his name:

He was born to a mother who's last name was Dunham, and a father who's last name was Obama. His grandfather gave him the nickname Barry when he was a child. When he was still very young, his mother divorced his father, then later married a man with the last name of Soetoro. Hence, various combinations have been used to refer to him, in various circumstances. (Personally I have a different last name than my children, and frequently their friends use my children's last name when addressing me, I usually no longer bother to correct them as it really isn't that important, and frequently only causes the poor child embarrassment, which in turn embarrasses my children)
This history has all been laid out in Barack Obama's book, Dreams of my Father, a book that was written long before he had entered politics.


Heaven forbid, we don't know who Obama is because his parents became divorced and remarried, and holy hell how dare he be registered at a school as a child under a nickname his grandfather gave him. This is just embarrassing that this is even talked about as an issue. Let's hear from anyone out there who has kids that may have different last names - is that something that should be used when they go for another job, seek office, etc. as a leverage point against them? Should they have to defend their parents' marital status as part of their campaign? Why don't we go into every candidate's childhood and dig out details that are irrelevant but hurtful? Seriously, folks, grow up and separate out what is important and what is just damn childish - it's not about politics, here, it's about being a basic human being. We have the freedom to speak as we will, of course, but don't think for one second that this doesn't reflect back on the person you are.

And to say that it's innocent is at best naive. People use this in multiple subtle ways - cast doubt that Obama is a Christian (as if it should matter if he weren't), make connections with that other Hussein, say that we don't know the real Obama, who may have nefarious origins. People may disagree with my assessment there, but I'm betting it's more true than not. In fact, used in similar ways that racial pejoratives are used, as subtle "you know I'm just kiddin', right?" kind of ways.

Pink Slip has been a prodigious poster, and his posts are fairly Democrat-leaning. So what?!?! I don't see you taking Libs or other prolific writers to task for their viewpoints? I think it would be convenient to think of Pink Slip as a paid poster, and maybe he/she is. Perhaps he/she's just someone who likes to be heard and hear from others, and thought of your blog as a place where those conversations can happen. I do. Although I am seriously doubting that right now.

And McCaskey didn't even say what Libs could say, or not say. His post was about trying to have Libs show some respect for the President-Elect, to get over the election and move on. So, it's OK for someone to be disrespectful of Obama, but if someone calls that speech out and asks for respect they're taken to task?

you should re-read what McCaskey said:

"You can refer to him as President-elect Obama."

He is demanding that Libs refer to Obama by that name. It is quite clear to me. The fact is Obama has those other known aliases, it is not unreasonable for someone to question it. Also citing Obama's book may not make a strong case. He is a politician and may want you to believe what he wants you to believe. But it is unreasonable for any poster to tell another poster what to do.

And I won't get into it again. PinkSlip's posts are unrivaled in the quantity and partisan nature of them. It goes above and beyond what anyone else has done, and looks like it is paid behavior. Again if Pink Slip says who he/she is and I can verify PS is not being paid then it is a different story. As I have said before, this is why I take issue with that particular poster. If Libs did the same thing, I would take issue with LCBM too. But they are not in the same ball park.

If I was 'demanding' anything, the proper verb would be will. As in:

"You will refer to him as President-elect Obama"

'Can' conveys the ability, the power, the means, or to have the possibility of doing so.

You ran for school board, right? Maybe I have the wrong person.

And still stand by my interpretation. He's scolding Libs for his remarks, not trying to impose a moratorium on the First Amendment.

As purnhrt has stated below, the names aren't being brought up searching for clarification (which is pretty easy to follow, when you track his history - I mean, these questions were answered long ago, it's not really a current issue), they're being brought up as derogatory comments about Obama. Um, I think citing someone's own comments in a book on his own upbringing is fine? Wikipedia, too, has a well-sourced description that details as well. For something like this, those are fine attributions, unless something is brought to bear that would seriously question those citations.

And it is absolutely unreasonable to delve into one's CHILDHOOD past for such things. Ludicrous. It's politics of the lowest form. It tries to make an issue out of a non-issue, and adds in an ugliness of attacking one's childhood. Hey, when parents get divorced and/or remarried, people take on new last names. Surprise! And the kids don't really get the choice in what names they are taking or listed as.... After asking these 'responsible' questions, why not walk down to a local school and pick out kids who's names are registered differently when they move schools or parents remarry (which happens ALL THE TIME)? Let's single them out for ridicule, all in the interest of politics, I mean their student body deserves to know, right? Let's show up when a woman changes her name (Hmmmm, sounds bad, but men rarely change their names, right? Correct me if I'm wrong here) and demand that they explain why their name is now different. Holy smokes - Hilary Rodham Clinton, that's not her birthname! Wait, John McCain's wife's name wasn't originally Cindy McCain - what kind of deception is THIS?!?!?!? Why didn't that break the news?

is completely accurate as to my remarks, as is your assesement that making an issue of childhood names is gutter-level politics or worse, and particularly now that the election is over, totally non-relevant as to anything relating to the here, the now, and the future.

I commend Republicans, conservatives and others who did not vote for Obama but have the wherewithal and fortitude to move forward in the hope we all benefit from the next chapter in our country's history.

The others can wallow in their own bitterness.


"Since PinkSlip is incapable of being fair, this is what will now happen on postings that get out of control. I will force fairness by taking them over and putting in both sides of the debate, so you can decide what you want about the post"

Pinkslip contributed a post, you didn't like it, and you added (altered) this to his post, instead of simply replying beneath it with your own counterpoint.

You're deluding yourself if you think this is anything else but changing the nature of or altering someone else's material. You're either an inbecile or a liar.

You specifically said:

"Did you or did you not add material to contributers' comments in order to 'balance' them out"

I have never done that and that would make you a liar for saying such a thing. Better not start pointing fingers.

Since you have decided to not talk about the comment allegation, and are now talking about posts, as I mentioned before, I have taken over many posts and added more information. The latest one was a couple of weeks ago:


As I mentioned before, I do that when I feel I want to add more information to a post, and that one I wanted to add the other side to facilitate informed debate. I know you may be disturbed by that, but it improves the quality of the site.

Regardless, I have done that on many different issues, and will continue to do so when I want to add to the topic without creating a new one. It would be a problem if I acted like it was PinkSlip's post, but I don't do that. You make it sound like there is a conspiracy, but the allegation is much more interesting than the reality which is why it takes several times asking someone to prove it before they actually come up with something, as weak as it may be.

So that is neither a liar, inbecile or delusional. That is providing more value on a post, which is always encouraged here.

Are we now parsing the difference between a 'post' and a 'comment'? Are you serious?

When someone 'posts' a topic, there are, more often than not, 'comments' and 'opinions' contained within that 'post', as you full well know. Very often, the 'post' is nothing more than a 'comment.'

Any changing of that 'post' by you is alteration, pure and simple. You could just as easily include your two cents in adding whatever you wanted to say about the post within your comment underneath it, without it taking away from the content of the original poster.

But, you know all this, you're playing word games and grade-school semantics. Frankly, most people who 'post' or 'comment' on here are better than this.

between post and comments. I have yet to see anyone refer to posts on the home page as comments (well I until I read this from you). Even the posts on the home page have a "Add new comment" link, so the difference is quite clear. I don't know where you are coming from in word games, unless you are trying to tap dance away from your allegation I edit comments.

Yes I have to go in and edit the posts in order to add the additional information, so I guess that also means alter. I have to actually press the edit button, which I guess if they renamed the edit button the alter button, it would make sense. And I can do that when ever I want, although I usually reserve it for the stories I want to add more information and for the 12 or so posts I have done that, they are all better because of it. I have done it ever since the site started and I say this every time you bring this up and prove a few of the ones I have done with other posters and you never say anything about it after that. Then you go to another thread and make a new allegation then this goes on and on.

When I add information all the original post and opinion (if there is one) is maintained, but I add more value to it and it is all clearly noted. You have yet to prove there is some evil going on, and you can't because it does not happen. So I will just wait for the next thread you say such a thing and we will repeat the conversation.

Of course the only time that you and Pinky decided to have a problem is when the other side was presented. I think that says more about you than anything else.

Your trying to make an issue of this is getting quite boring because you keep saying the same thing and you have no proof of your dark insinuations. But that is why you end up only saying I "alter" posts when there is nothing else to be said.

If you have a problem, you can start your own site and be the little dictator you seem to want to be and make all of your users refer to Obama how ever you like. But don't go demanding users here to call Obama one thing or demand that if they do not speak of the One in glowing terms, that they are somehow bitter or hateful. That is a load of crock.

Everyone has a right to their own beliefs and if they still hate or love Obama they can express it and you should not go around telling people what to say or not say regardless of the validity of it.

BTW I appreciate the humor you provide in this comment with how you are trying to tell me how I should go and add information to a post. Note: this is after I tell you to stop telling another user how they should refer to Obama. So here are two examples of you, an Obama supporter, trying to tell others how they talk and do things- all in one thread! That is priceless.

"Yes I have to go in and edit the posts in order to add the additional information, so I guess that also means alter. I have to actually press the edit button, which I guess if they renamed the edit button the alter button, it would make sense. And I can do that when ever I want, although I usually reserve it for the stories I want to add more information and for the 12 or so posts I have done that, they are all better because of it. I have done it ever since the site started"

Your 'valuable' contribution to Pink's post in Sept:

"Since PinkSlip is incapable of being fair, this is what will now happen on postings that get out of control. I will force fairness by taking them over and putting in both sides of the debate, so you can decide what you want about the post"

While we're at it, for the second time, I didn't demand anything of Libs. You keep using that word, even after I tried to help you out with the definition above.

proves it is officially hot air now. There is enough for everyone else to read and know what is going on. Don't tell other posters what to do then I won't criticize you.



"Show me a man who lives alone and has a perpetually dirty kitchen, and
five times out of nine I'll show you an exceptional man." -Charles

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

I'm still here Webby. And you have censored posts, and you know it.

Pink Slip
A "threat to our political system"

Pink Slip

it's Pink Slip, the Democratic operative from, California, was it, if memory serves?

Pink, you must have needed an off-shore money account from all the dough you raked in from all those 'paid' posts (but not comments) during election season.

Saw Obama tonight on 60 Minutes and was impressed. Whoops! My wife just flipped a dime my way for saying that, guess that makes me a 'paid' politico operative as well. I might start a whole new career.

Lol, McCaskey...if I got paid for busting the Webmasters balls, I wouldn't have enough money to buy a cup of coffee.

Pink Slip
A "threat to our political system"

Pink Slip

hot air. Nothing but a whimper comes out of bold allegations.

up with the allegations. It is getting quite boring without proof.

BTW I did pull down arealamerican when he used the n word 1.5 weeks ago on a post.

I'm no Obama fan, but it's worth pointing out that Gerald Ford was born Leslie King, Jr. That didn't disqualify him from being president.

Of course, he wasn't elected.

Here are a few of the hits you get when you Google "not my President"






Need more examples of the BS that Democrats have been saying for 8 years?

There is plenty of examples.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Looking at Bush's Approval ratings, there are far more than just democrats who don't agree with the job he has done and is doing. One major tenet of the Republican campaign was distancing from George Bush.

To be fair, the percentage of missed votes for McCain in the last couple of quarters.

Senator John McCain
2007-Q1 126 42 33.3%
2007-Q2 112 81 72.3%
2007-Q3 119 59 49.6%
2007-Q4 85 65 76.5%
2008-Q1 85 50 58.8%
2008-Q2 77 76 98.7%
2008-Q3 47 47 100%

It is a shame how much time all elected officials miss when in a campaign year.
I think West Wing nailed it when then said in a presidency, you only really do your good work once you're in your second term - not positioning for re-election, and you are already in-place, so you can just get to work.

but thought, what's the use?

From Libs>>>>>>>After all, B. Hussain Sotero, Barry Obama, or whatever he is calling himself this week, missed up to 87% of his votes in Congress.

This is a disrespectful comment any way you look at it. I don't recall PE Barack Obama calling himself any of those names, this week or last week or any week.

Senator Barack Obama won the election. And those who have problems with that should really just get over it. We all "just got over it" when George Bush was elected the first and the second time. My friends, family and I were just devastated.

Chris you ............................
Submitted Sun, 2008-11-16 15:53.
""""people still have questions about who Obama is and using one of his aliases is a way to make that point.""""

I don't recall where it was reported that Senator Obama was using an "alias." For those who have questions as to who PE Obama "really" is, we will all have to wait and see. As we did, to find out who President George Bush really is.

yes, we do need to wait and see, although some of his choices have already raised eyebrows.

16 days before he was sworn in as President, black leaders were calling Bush an Illegitmate president.

I have learned lots from Democrats. Among those things I've learned is that politics is not a popularity contest, it is a blood-sport. In order for Republicans and/or Conservatives to get their way we must accuse, whine, point fingers, dredge up the past, and do whatever it takes.

So in keeping with the Democratic values of personal destruction, I looked up when the main-stream media started the Bush Bashing.

And, since the Bush Bashing started even before he was inaugurated, I feel it is my duty as an American to start off early like Democrats did to Bush.

"Published on Thursday, January 4, 2001 by the InterPress Service
Black Leaders Slam 'Illegitimate' Bush Presidency
by Katherine Stapp

NEW YORK - A group of prominent African-Americans has challenged the electoral victory of Republican President-elect George W. Bush after a ballot exercise marked by numerous charges of selective disenfranchisement of black voters.
Denouncing what they described as ''massive voting irregularities'' in the November polls, eight prominent black leaders have vowed to aggressively contest two of Bush's cabinet nominations, to protest his inauguration on Jan. 20, and to pursue comprehensive electoral reform in the courts and in Congress. "

Need more crap from the wacko fringe left?
"Browne, J. Zamgba
New York Amsterdam News
Protest against Bush: `Nation's first illegitimate president'

A coalition of local and national Black leaders, along with grassroots groups, will converge on Washington, D.C., for a counter-inauguration demonstration and march on Saturday, Jan. 20.

The goal is to dramatize strong opposition to what the organizers described as the "illegitimate and dangerous rule" of George W. Bush as president of the United States. Organizers include the Black Alliance Against the Bush Agenda, The New Black Panther Party and the People for Self-Determination, with religious leaders and other groups. "



Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

that in this election the Republican party was in disarray, which probably accounted for some of the Republican votes lost or Republicans who stayed home. Listening to Rush Limbaugh everyday tells me that there are a lot of problems in the Republican party.Conservatives (if there is such a thing) decided to not let God, Gays and Guns get in the way of "Country First" and the fact that the country needs a change in direction and leadership.

Instead of having sour grapes, someone in the party needs to take charge and change direction so that in four years if PE Barack Obama has not performed up to the standards that are expected, your party will be in a position to introduce new leadership.

Everybody has been paying attention to this election, even the children. One day last week, my three year old grandaughter and I were listening to the radio in the car. A person was talking and my grandaughter asked me,
"is that Barack Obama?" I was not paying any attention as I was in traffic and I said, "yes." She immediately said, "uh un, that's John McCain." I was shocked!
So I know if a three year old is that aware, you people who call yourselves Republicans need to accept the fact that your party lost the election and get your party in order and find some leadership. Leadership does not require bashing of the opponent.

It seems to me that in this thread, as well as many others, there is a lot of sparring over posts/comments that somehow offend someone else.

Often, someone posts something and someone is offended, so they shoot off a comment telling them, for example, that they can't call someone "boy," or they can't refer to Obama as "Barry" et. al:

This almost always diverts attention from the original post to some distracting, vacuous squabble. This post was about Strickland devoting so much time to Obama's campaign. It escaped discussion...

I suppose there is value in discussing why "boy" offended purnhrt, or why McCasky got so ticked that people here keep referring to Obama by other names that he has used in his lifetime.

I do think that some people need to toughen up and let some of this go. Choose your battles.

This should be a place for open discussion, not walking on eggshells.

I enjoy the opportunity to hear the ideas and thinking of people who have different political ideas, without attacks. If we always have to worry about offending someone...why participate?

than Taft, without a doubt. Taft, had a flunky NOT list a golf outing on an expense sheet and, the WORLD almost ended ! Strickland, has an State employee allow a computer to get stolen from his car and, 2 million citizens have their I.D's stolen, effecting them GREATLY!! NO NEWS ABOUT IT ROM THE TOLEDO SCANDAL MONGER BLADE?! Not to be unexpected, liars love protecting their own jackasses , without shame. I CANNOT WAIT FOR A VISITING JUDGE TO LET, McConnel go FREE!! It's the new B.O. ,change that was promised.

he wishes ! Ohio's' , newspapers will hold him up like the straw dog he is. Only a GODLESS heathen would EVER consider TAXING food !! Strickland did to the hurrahs from leftists all over America ?!

"We the people" can't get to the issues because of the stupid stuff that is written or said. Until "We the people" start to respect each other whatever the differences are, there will never be true dialogue.

I can dialogue all day and all night with my black straight sisters and we can come to all kinds of agreements, but until I dialogue with my white gay sister I am just hitting my head against a brick wall and "We the people" will never get to the real issues. There will always be underlying resentments, people choosing battles and everyone walking on eggshells.

I can dialogue all day and all night with my black straight sisters and we can come to all kinds of agreements, but until I dialogue with my white gay sister I am just hitting my head against a brick wall. "We the people" will never get to the real issues AND there will always be underlying resentments, people choosing battles and everyone walking on eggshells.

and why I am justified in bashing B. Hussain Obama Sotero, I invite you to open your web browser to Google.

Now do a Google search of BUSHITLER
29,200 hits

Now do a Google search of "the chimp"
504,000 hits

Now do a Google search of "president smirky"
55,600 hits

Any other derogatory terms for President Bush that I missed?

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

because that would make you closed-minded, and judging from your other posts here, I don't think you are. You and I may not be the same race, religion, or political affliation, but I think tthat we can learn from one another. We already have!

now has what all Dims desire, a bastard President,with all the baggage that goes with that! Here is a guy, who only GOD , knows how his family tree spreads, and he CANNOT even get his own miserable family members OUT OF THE GHETTO!!!! B.O., made it ,to HELL, with the rest.Sounds perfectly compassionate for a DEMONRAT, doesn't it??!

Take Cogitate's advice and find yourself some help.

No need to rebuke johnlaw here, mr. site administrator; he didn't 'demand' anything of another poster and his political persuasion is the same as yours. At the end of the day, that's really all that counts in your world, righto?

that kind of talk will just continue to encourage the site administrator, as he had toward me with El Gary the drunken fired city worker, to ignore your claims and enable the douchebag to expose his vitriol.

Chris has a tendency to embrace those that ramble off topic and attack contributers of the site without anything more than a sentence of chastizement after several weeks of verbal assaults. It's going to take a few complaints from the more "established" members here to have anything with substance being done, as Starling had done with my issue.

ooooooooo effective.

No worries tho, McCaskey, because it won't be long before this douchebag is easily distracted by my comment towards the site administrator and assume I was writing about him and will "lay waste into me" with his ignorance.

and lack of intellect.

Do you think because you put out a few sentences on any topic that THAT qualifies as substance ?

Like johnlaw, you appear to be fucked up in the head for the rest of your life because of events that happened to you years ago. Get a life !!!

BTW - you should seriously consider getting that EX- city worker's name out of your mewly mouth before he takes legal and otherwise action against you.
You are acting foolishly, but as your posts indicate for the past 4 years on the internet - THAT is YOU.

Sorry about your luck.

realize , that so many mental health professionals blogged here ! After reading their BLOGS, twinks and the 'weenies' who still have 'mother issues',have all the answers about someones else's' , mental health ?! I find that absolutely fascinating ! Without knowledge of someones past, without ever meeting them, without advanced degrees, milksop screamers crybaby about the UNKNOWN !? How do you vote for Finkwhiner, Kaptur, and B.O. ,and then spout tired old rhetoric about anything with substance ?! You are patently stupid for voting for COMPLETE jackasses and WE ARE THE PROBLEM ??! What did MOTHER do to you wimps that made you this way? Or, what did that college prof., do to you that you regret to this day?! Perhaps, your first homosexual experience that didn't go that well is the cause! Avail thyself with HELP,nancy girl,. SOOOON !!!

just tap the water and it does become cloudy with ignorance

carry on

Say what you will about johnlaw, but I give him the award for most eclectic vocabulary in the swamp. How many of us have ever used "milksops" in a sentence?

In the same post, he can without effort , he can drop in a "nancygirl."

I made a factual statement, Gary

the drunken fired city worker

and keep sniping with the drama...I made a point replying another poster about events which factually occured on this site, and you trolled me, again.

don't worry about my luck, focus on yours....

I do not take kindly to threats.
please try to stay on topic.....

And if you feel froggy...next time you are in Toledo....leap.

Don't be such a long distance hardass.

show me where the word "ex" has shown up in a post of mine referring to you, besides the alleged ex-wife/bailiff/whatever.

gary, just give it up, even the threats crack me up

and the cougarboy thing would be credible if she was more than the two years older than she is, but the envy just rolls...like the royce I cruise in.

but threats? I'm not seeing any threats, Gary, except the threat of your "froggy leap" juvenile crap

god forbid I find a "warrant for my arrest" next time im in town lol

but froggy? LOL better get back in shape, old man

go fight it with your mental sidekick, just mop up the envy so you don't slip and crack your skull and release that air

you are way off base, even for the nutjob that you are.

Looked in the mirror lately, fatso ??

Get off that free munch from cougar and lose some weight, fatass.

P.S. I never threaten. However, I do INVITE you to act on all that dribble you send up north from cougarland.
I'm waiting......
still waiting.....

you are so fun to watch

and that tired crap is all you got

fat? that's what you got? a shirt stuck on my sweaty chest because I reached across the roof of the car to set the camera up an you got me being fat? LOL

amazing how you can use the word "booty pump" and worry about what I look like lol says a lot about where your head is at.

and you never threaten? didn't you just type that if I felt froggy, leap? what are you, 12?

P.S. I never threaten. However, I do INVITE you to act on all that dribble you send up north from cougarland. I'm waiting......still waiting.....

act on with my dribble from where? you saying I threatened to come whip your ass, gary? show me where I posted that?

Like I'd give you a warning lol

just more proof that you know not facts when you type.


see ya around, gary, and don't forget your mop



that you spew continuous venom. Someone stomped on you way back in your life, and you take it out here. You are like one of these guys that is found to have a dark addiction and everyone wonders how it happened. If this isn't so, then how about doing a week of positive , edifying comments only . See what a difference it would make in your outlook on life. You could even join my Jesus Freak subgroup here. We could have a mens' group online , or I could invite you to my real life mens' group.

concern yourself with ME ! It is a very SICK world and, I am a very HAPPY man! My life is very busy with two companies, family, friends and church. Blogging, to you woeful sad sacks of excrement, is just another way of having FUN ! What you do need to concern yourself with is, you rectal orifices agree with three of the most vile humans on the planet. Sirhan Sirhan, U.B. Laden ,and, that terrorist appeaser at the Toledo Blade,and you weirdos, ALL , believe that Americas', support of Israel, is the reason for terrorist bombings/murders !? Now, if you agree that KILLING innocent humans is justified somehow, well then, you are quite DISTURBED , aren't you !! So, send a check to B.O's ., BASTARD , family members in GHETTOS, and, then, cry me a river!

you sick piece of shit.
I ain't some old retired professor....

You feel froggy......leap.

are as nutty as squirrels. You definitely SOUND like an old, tired ,socialist ,prof I had at ,U. of Penn.This jackass actually thought paying 85 % of someones wage was FAIR !!?? I have bulls- balls ,and had 7 brothers and sisters, all, who would make an insect like you , feel the SPLATTER as you hit my windshield ! JUMP, any time you feel SQIRRELY , which, is quite a bit ,from your incessant cry babying ! Your elected pols are as dismal as you are.Whining about your pathetic choices doesn't seem to feed the bear! I and we complain ,because your choices are without a doubt STUPID! Did you really vote for Finkwhiner, Kaptur, and B. O. and expected something, anything positive to come from it?! What a maroon! JUMP INSECT JUMP!!!

is that where you got your booty pumped by some old professor ?

That WOULD explain a lot.

Your infatuation with college professors, continuous ranting and raving, nonsensical ramblings, etc....

You are scarred for life !!!!

I don't understand Mex ! We had a bunch of hamper- hunchers picking tomatoes and pickles for the family farm,back before AUTOMATION in this area! Did the sun burn your frazzled brains out back then? Zits like you are easily, POPPED !! BOOM ! Zit juice on the mirror!! Heh, your real name isn't Gravy Train , is it?! GOTTA go , beaner, I have about 110 acres of corn left to harvest! ADIOS !!! El-Loco in da cabasa !!!

where a bunch of pickle pickers stuck a sissy knife into my back. Hell, I thought I didn't do to well when I woke up in Adrian's', Bixby Hospital. Only to find three wet backs in there and in WORSE condition than ME. I also have a few scars from the times the Old Dad and I went to Ireland, to assist with the 'troubles'. Others , from 11 car wrecks, many fistfights, wrestling in H.S. and in college ...yeah.... I have some scars. Not like, the ones you have around your anus though ! Keep trying poof, it won't get any better !

"let it begin with me." That is an offer no one should refuse.

I remember when President John Kennedy was assasinated, and they sent us home from school. My sister & I were too young for it to really hit how serious this was - we knew of course, but given our youth, we were just glad to get out of school for a couple days. My dad has always been a staunch republican - still is - and he didn't like one thing about Kennedy - but he was firm in the belief that people needed to show respect for our president. He was furious at our glee at this unplanned 'holiday' from school & grounded our asses for a week to make his point -that the head of our country was murdered, and he expected us to at least show some respect.

The reason I bring this up is that while I agree in freedom of speech, I think it is wrong to try to paint Obama (or any president) as a terrorist, anti Christ, etc. or otherwise evil, unscrupulous person, because I am sure there are a lot of kids who are hearing their parents talk like this & they repeat things, feed off it until it's grown 100 times larger than life. Already there are over 100 reports of cross burnings in the yards of people who voted for Obama, a school bus of 3rd graders yelling "kill Obama!", etc. since the election. I wonder how a parent will handle it when they get a call from the school over talk like this - and their kids will of course say it's what dad or mom says so it's true. Whether you like Obama as president or not - it is who he will be. And I think kids are learning horrible ways of how we treat our presidents. Yes, we all bitch about whatever president is in office - and I'm sure within a year, even a lot of those who loved Obama will be bitching about him - it's what happens. But complaining is one thing - character assasination is something else, and should not be what we teach our kids.

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