Extreme Home Makeover Toledo will be on this Sunday - here is some more info

The Frisch family's remodel will be on on Sunday at 8PM on 13abc. Here is some more info:

Rib Hillis Blog about the project:
One of my projects this week is doing a room for the three adopted guys from Haiti — Mo, Benson, and Joe. And I mean, these kids, this whole family they take nothing for granted, so it is my job to spoil them a little bit. You know, to give them what they don't even ask for. In their old room, the boys all slept practically right on top of each other. The bunk beds were just stacked up one on top of the next. The new room is not going to be like that. They're each going to have their own separate beds. But they're also still going to be together in one room, because that's important.


Station 23 makeover:

Aaron Frisch's partner speaks out:

Other companies helping out:

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Good for them. However my kids at Washington Schools were asked to make donations to these people which is all fine, until I found out they could not get access to the street to see what was happening, nor was there a field trip to see and there was admission to take a bus there ? No thanks, no donations.. Ridiculous. I don't watch the show anyway.

So, your donation needed to get you something in return? Not quite the spirit of things.

Besides, you were wrong on a couple of fronts--you could get access to what was happening most of the week. I went up there twice, my kids were up there four different days. My daughter and her friends got on the bus at Banner Mattress on demolition day at 7:30 and were not charged a fee, and they rode again on the reveal day and were not charged.

It wasn't really much to see...it's people building a house.

Getting the opportunity to see the site, in return for your donation, is a long-standing convention. That's entirely in the spirit of the matter. We expect to see results of some kind on the news, right? So there's always going to be that sort of expectation.

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