Race for that shower on the 22nd Floor

So Maumee-resident Keith Wilkowski has officially lined up at the starting line for the race to the 22nd floor office in One Government Center.

What do you think?

Who, if anyone, might be interested in running against him for the Democrat Party endorsement? Who could possibly run on the Republican ticket?

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True or false:

1. Wilkowski is running on the same rhetoric and slogans that apprently worked for Obama viz. Hope and Change.

2. Toledo's mayoral election is about 52 weeks away.

3. Obama is not the president yet, therefore other than Hope and Change, his policies are not yet known and whether or not they will be helpful or detrimental.

4. Nobody knows who Wilkowski's opponent will be and what his/her proposed solutions will be.

So these are the questions that should be asked: What if Obama doesn't do so well? What if Hope and Change doesn't magically or otherwise materialize as promised? What will that do to Wilkowski's chance of getting elected based on riding on Obama's coat tail? Especially if the policies and philosophy is not much different than Finkbeiner's.?

If Toledo employees have to live in the city then how can someone who lives on Maumee run for Mayor of Toledo?

(No idea why it double posted.. sorryLaughing)

I do believe he does have to live in Toledo to be the mayor of Toledo.

He might have learned his rhetoric from Obama, but he probably learned some carpet bagging skills from Hillary.

After all, how does an Arkansas resident run for senator of New York?

but he has plenty of time to establish residency in Toledo prior to election.

Keith Wilkowski has never lived in Maumee. He is a life-long Toledo resident who lives in Old Orchard.

Ben Krompak
Wilkowski for Mayor

Ben Krompak
Wilkowski for Mayor

Ben, et. al: thanks for correcting the residency for us. I am sorry I mispoke without having the facts straight.

I must have got something crossed. I could swear that my source, a Maumee resident and Wilkowski admirer, told me that their children played soccer together in grade-school/high school. Then, just a couple of days ago, someone at work mentioned that he was a Maumee resident. I just assumed--and I am well aware what damage assumptions can do.

I've got an email in to my Maumee friend for clarification.

As a side note, the Maumee Express soccer organization takes players from the whole area not just Maumee so maybe thats where you got  confused. I live in Toledo and my son has played for couple of seasons for the Maumee recreational teams for the younger kids.

Here's a 2005 Blade article that refers to Wilkowski as an Old Orchard resident too:


All that I hope for, is that there be more people involved in this process. If all our choices come down to what they were in the last mayoral election, Toledo is doomed into extinction. If that be the case, we may as well just elect Opal Covey and let her build her Ferris Wheel in East Toledo.

GuestZero '09


You WOULD really be better off voting for Opal, because she at least really does care about the town and its citizens. More than Wilkowski, J.R. Blo...er, Ben Konop, and King Carty. And that's more than likely the choice you'll have. And ALL three are worthless.
But Wilki has that Polish vote locked up anyway, just like So-Lousy and Wade the Wonder Boy.


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

but in re the Polish vote, where does Sobczak fit in when he decides to toss his sombrero into the race ?

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