A funny thing happened on the way to the Rose Garden

GW was showing Obama around the White House today....


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Dick can tell the difference between the sizes of the designs on our ties?"

will smell so bad in a short while, even' Stanley Steamer ',won't be able to get the Chicago stench out of the place. Americans', truly are smarter than I thought. With weapon and ammo sales SKYROCKETING, there is still hope for real Americans,yet!When the radical leftists figure out that their socialist, from Chicago isn't going to get them all the freebies they were misled to believe, the scat will hit the FAN, BIG TIME!! Ahhh, the riots of 68, I remember them well. Detroit burned, Watts burned, New Jersey burned, Toledo burned, all burnt by DEMONRATS!! You know, the GOOD Americans!! The ones with COMPASSION !!

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